Hesitating about which chocolates to buy this Valentines Day?

Hesitating about which chocolates to buy this Valentines Day?
A department store guide to Valentine's Day 2015!

With approximately two weeks left until Valentine's Day, will this year's day of love bring about new chocolate discoveries?

If you are looking for that perfect chocolate gift but can't decide from the variety of choices, you've come to the right place! Included in the previous Valentine's Fair, the editing team has summarized a list of must haves from these famous department stores this Valentine's Day!

Isetan Shinjuku

Shinjuku Isetan's Valentine new campaign "Sweets Collection" is available on the 7th floor of the main building. Mitsukoshi Isetan's limited brand "Yum Yum Art!" chocolates are an assortment of confectionary artistry, highly recommended as on par in rich flavour with the likes of Belgian, UK and other worldwide chocolate brands. Make sure to hit the stores near you to check out their stunning aesthetic.

Lineup of 8 types of chocolate boxes, a worldwide collaboration by sweet-loving artists are available. "Mystery Box" (648 yen) and "Forest of Sound" (1,080 yen) are aligned together at Isetan to exhibit an array of colorful fairy-tale themed chocolate.The package is also a lovely fairy tale design, suited to young girls of different tastes. It is sold online and can delivered by post via the Isetan Online Store.

photo source: Isetan Online Store
photo: Picture book look-alike, chocolate box "Forest of Sound"

Another exciting new upcoming candy brand is a collaboration between "Ameya Eitaro" and Barbie, cosmetics like a candy "sweet lip Barbie". Another cute gift you may want to give to that cuteness-loving girlfriend!

photo source: gourmetbiz.net


Among the more "grandeur" yet still affordable chocolates, "Armani Dolci", "Bulgari Il chocolate alerts" as well as "upmarket" are popular favourites available ahead of this Valentine's day at Seibu-Sogo.

Among them, a popular item among confectionary critics and reviews, is designer Oki Sato's brand "chocolatexture". This limited time item is especially turning heads for Valentines.

photo source: BACKYARD by n

Seibu, Sogo limited edition!

"Chocolatexture" uses similar raw materials as many other chocolates, however their originality lies in shaping each piece uniquley. Their cutting-edge shapes and texture are unconventional, melting in your mouth at first bite. 3 pieces are priced at 1,944 yen.

"Sube-sube", "Fuwa-fuwa" and "Poki-poki" are just a few of the unique names of each chocolate design listed under the chocolate brand. This is a gift sure to make your fashionable man happily look twice! As a limited item, you may need to hurry before it runs out in store!
Please refer to the official site for sale outlets.


Takashimaya's highly recommended desert called "Nugat Satin" from Pierre Hermé Paris may seem simple to the eye, yet irresistable to the palette. It's light nugat filling and orange chocolate flavours blend to create a slight fruity tang to nugat's dry yet addictive sweetness. Stimulating the five senses, Nugat Satin's aromatic fragrance leaves you wanting more of those small heavenly bites. 20 sheets are priced at 2,808 yen.

photo source: takashimaya.co.jp
"Nugat Satin"

Another delightful treat from Takashimaya is the premium "Palais Chocolat" of Bell Amer. The sweet and sour white chocolate combined with strawberry and raspberry not only includes an adorable heart topping, but will also melt the heart of your significant other.

"Palais Chocolat", lighting up the eyes of young girls storewide!

Because each product has a different release date and promotion store, please check the official site for more details! It is also available for purchase at the Takashimaya online store.

photo source: Takashimaya online store

Tokyu Department Store

Valentine's Day at Tokyu Department Store this year lifts the veil off three new Shibuya outlets. At the head office, new upcoming brands are selected meticulously for customer purchases from February 1st.

In addition, Toyoko's largest chocolate event "Chocolat Zakka Festival" as well as " Shibuya Chocolat scramble 2015 " for young females will be held at Shibuya's Hikarie ShinQs, each on February 5. For all you chocolate devotees out there, the wait for a luscious-chocolate festival is over!

Your partner is bound to fall straight over heels with it!

Among items on sale at the Chocolate Zakka Festival is "Smile labo" and "Talon au Chocolat". Smile labo is essentially a chocolate artistry you must see to believe. Ever fancied eating a chocolate high heel? With accessories added to each delicate red or white heels, even its carry box is made to look like a shoe box.
Prices for the white M sized shoe is 2,916 yen, the red L sized shoe is ¥ 4,428.

In addition to this, approximately 30 other chocolate brands with a range of tastes, flavours and colours are on display and sale at Tokyu store-wide. Who knew you could be out searching for gifts, yet also manage to find personal chocolate favourites!

Seeing how cute these chocolate shapes are, you may even want to collect them!

Daimaru Matsuzakaya

An especially eye-catching Valentine's gift is Daimaru Matsuzakaya limited "Goncharov Petit dessert a la mode". The image of a cake shop in a southern French provence spring to mind with these delicate miniature chocolate macarons, cheese-cakes and even ice cream cones!

photo source: dmdepar

Entirely made of chocolate, you may even thinking that ice cream is real!

Another recommended chocolate product is the limited "I LOVE BabyStar chocolate crunch" line. An adored icon for half a century, "Baby Star ramen" just becomes all the more cuter as chocolate-coated crunchies. Try out this childhood-reminiscent delicacy for a gift this Valentines Day, and nostalgia may just hit the dot!

"I love BabyStar chocolate crunch" is available atTokyo stores Daimaru, Urawa Parco store, Matsuzakaya Nagoya, and Toyota's five stores in Shizuoka. Because sales are limited in number, be sure to book in advance at the store!

Source: Daimaru Tokyo official site

Chocolate must be the best remedy for happiness!

Odakyu Department Store

The "Valentine World" campaign is being held at the Odakyu Department store in Machida on the February 4 , and in Shinjuku from February 6th. Joining in on the Valentine's festivities, the Fujisawa shop will also hold the "Valentine Market" from February 1 displaying a range of Valentine's day gift ideas!

If you've ever taken Odakyu's Romance Car, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Odakyu has released a chocolate product modelled after its very own Romance car which is sold store –wide.
Every year the popular Odakyu Department Store releases new, vibrant and original products. Designed this year, "Romancecar" is milky, and is coated with three types of chocolate and strawberry flavours. You can purchase Odakyu purchase via their online store.

photo source: jalan.net

And for those who can't get enough of "Line friends", chocolate characters from the popular social media site Line, are now sold in Shinjuku's Odakyu store.The adorable characters of "Brown" and "Cony" find themselves plastered onto delicious bite-sized chocolate squares, 6 to every box. Make sure you grab one in a store near you, while the limited 1000 boxes last!

Sending emojis just got 10 times better!

photo source: Odakyu online store

Matsuya Ginza

Matsuya in Ginza's "Valentine Patio" is a new promotional campaign for Valentines chocolates and sweet products held on the store's first floor. More than 200 kinds of tablet chocolate and grain chocolate are lined up in limited numbers for the day of love.

With an exceptionally luxe shine, Latvia's production of premium chocolates is definitely one not to miss. The new brand Gusutafs has a line called Nereura, with specially lined up gift ideas for Valentines day! The "Forest Treasure box" contain small round mouthwatering pieces of chocolate each of a different flavour and colour.

photo source: Matsuya Ginza official Instagram

A "gem" like experience!

These chocolates, illustrating the image of a Nordic forest with berries and flowers, are decorated tablet and truffle pieces, each box customized with an assortment of fruits and of course, chocolate! As it's first appearance worldwide Nereura will be unveiled at Ginza's Matsuya store.

Each box contains three tablets, two heart-shaped decorated chocolates, fourteen truffles, and 12 pieces of fruit-jelly chocolate. Although it is a little pricey at ¥ 24,840 per box, only 30 boxes are on sale, scheduled to be released from February 3rd.
If its for that special person, you are bound to steal their hearts!

And here you have it dear chocoholics and fellow desert lovers! The department store guide has officially made us all hungry and perhaps captivated by the world of chocolate artistry. Among the suggested recommendations above, we are sure you will find a favourite from this wide varied collection!

If picking them out and tasting them first is your style of chocolate-buying, you may want to stroll through the desert booths at the basement floor of each department store. The kaleidoscope of colours and shapes on display will definitely mesmerize you!

All tax is included in prices stated above, limited numbers available while stock lasts.