Mega-popular monster franchise Youkai Watch has a range of treats that are too cute to eat!

The immensely popular multimedia monster franchise Youkai Watch has really exploded in Japan, with many people saying it's now more popular than Pokémon! With video games, anime, manga, movies, gadgets and toys to choose from, Youkai Watch fans are spoilt for choice. However, there's always room in the market for more Youkai Watch goods, and today we'd like to share with you some delicious-looking Youkai Watch snacks and foodstuffs that are sure to get you drooling! From potato chips to candy to gum, there's something to suit every taste on sale in Japan's conbini right now!

Youkai Watch Potato Chips

These Youkai Watch potato chips are available in handy snack-sized bags, perfect for those who have trouble stopping once they rip into a regular-size bag of chips. They come in a "lightly salted" flavour which is likely to appeal to the vast majority of chip-eaters, and you also get TWO Youkai Watch stickers per bag.

Youkai Watch Gum

youkai watch gumIn the Youkai Watch series, the protagonist uses tokens known as Youkai Medals, through which he can summon youkai by loading the medals into his watch. This cola-flavoured gum comes with a free Youkai Medal which can be used with the watch accessory that's on sale in Japan's toy stores. We can't help but think that kids will be more interested in the medal than the gum, which means that rather than being a snack with a free extra gift, this is more like a toy with a free piece of gum!

Youkai Watch Gummy Candies

These cola-flavoured gummies are shaped like the heads of various Youkai, including Jibanyan, the main character's ghost-kitty sidekick. There's even a rare full-body Jibanyan gummy hidden in selected packs, as well as a rare, completely white Whisper ghost gummy! They're only 100 yen per pack, too, meaning that kids can easily afford to buy several handfuls with their own pocket money.

Youkai Watch Crunchy Chocolate Bars

In the Youkai Watch television series, Jibanyan can often be seen chewing down on chocolate bars. In fact, they're one of his favourite snacks! So it was only a matter of time until Bandai released the official Jibanyan Chocolate Bars, which are a crunchy combination of puffed rice and chocolate. They're the perfect size for a quick snack, and come with Jibanyan's personal seal of approval!

Check out the official TV commercial for the Jibanyan Chocolate Bar!

Youkai Watch Crispy Noodle Snacks

Freeze-dried, flavoured crispy noodle snacks are a popular treat in Japan, and you can eat them straight from the bag like regular potato chips. They're especially popular with kids and can be bought in tiny snack-sized bags from pretty much any conbini(convenience store). These crispy ramen snacks come with a free Youkai Watch sticker in every bag!

Youkai Watch Drinks

A mountain of snacks is no good without a refreshing drink, and one pack of this special "Youkai Drink" comes with two satchets that, once mixed with water, create a tasty beverage. Each pack comes with one satchet of "drink base" and one satchet of "Youkai powder". Add both to water using one of the special cups provided in the pack, then stick it in the fridge for a while and the drink will turn into a thick purple jelly liquid. Just like magic – this must be the work of a Youkai!

Youkai Watch Lemonade Candy with Magnets

Ramune, or lemonade candy, is a popular childhood treat in Japan. Each pack contains one piece of ramune candy and one Youkai Watch magnet sheet. There's 12 different kinds of magnets, so collectability is high. Again, the candy seems to be more of an accompaniment to the Youkai Watch toy here, but we're not complaining!

Youkai Watch Soft Candies

These soft chewy candies change flavour as a result of a little Youkai trickery! There's three flavours available – sour lemon, melon soda, and grape squash. No toy this time, but the candy is yummy enough to make up for it!

Youkai Watch Snack Bread and Cakes

Japan's conbini are a great place to pick up a quick snack, and there's usually lots of sweet breads and pastries available along with the sandwiches and rice balls. Here we can see Youkai Watch "melon pan" bread, Youkai Watch strawberry and milk cakes, Youkai Watch cream-filled bread, and Youkai Watch snack wafers. They all come with a free sticker or, in the case of the wafers, Youkai Watch trading cards!

With so many delicious Youkai Watch snack treats available, Japan's kids and kid-like adults alike are able to fully indulge their love of the cute series while at the same time feeding their faces! The added bonus of character stickers and other Youkai Watch freebies helps to make these snacks as collectible as the various wacky youkai characters from the video games and anime. If you're planning a trip to Japan this year, you too may find yourself completely captivated by this super-popular cultural phenomenon. Just make sure to buy plenty of Youkai Watch snacks to take home to give to your family and friends – everyone loves omiyage, (souvenirs) after all!