Ever dreamed of being whisked away on Valentine's Day? Take a Trip with these Exotic Chocolates

Chocolate-lovers, rejoice! According to this article, The Ritz Carlton Osaka has just debuted its collection of original, limited-edition Valentine chocolates. This year's lineup, called "Bon Voyage," goes way beyond the "box of chocolates" convention—each box, crafted to look like a traveling suitcase, is actually made of chocolate. Now I know how James Bond manages to travel so light on the job!

photo source: fashion-press.net

International spies may travel alone, but these chocolates actually come in both "His" and "Hers" versions. "La Valise – Monsieur" is a bitter, darker selection for the discerning gentleman, while "La Valise – Madame" features a milder selection for ladies with a smoother pallet. Of course, that's not to say that people can't switch it up according to their individual preferences. Each delicious box contains six equally delicious chocolates, all arranged so artistically that you might even have trouble eating them at first! So before you feed your mouth, remember to feast your eyes.

photo source: fashion-press.net

No doubt about it, chocolate suitcases will definitely put you in a traveling mood—the question is, where to go? Well, no place quite captures the romance of Valentine's Day like Paris, France! Just glancing at the inspiration for some of their other delectable offerings, it's clear that the people at the Ritz agree with me.

A lovingly-crafted Eiffel Tower surrounded by rose ganache (a special rose-tinted chocolate cream, who knew?) helps the "Parfum de Paris Assortment" collection live up to its name. While the Paris theme may continue past Valentine's Day, the classic airplane-imprinted piece is apparently limited-edition—get yours before it flies away just like the airplane at the end of Casablanca!

photo source: fashion-press.net

But why stick to Paris when you can travel the world? For a taste of countries like Italy, Britain, Japan and even Brazil, look no further than the "Chocolate Voyage" collection. You can sample flavors such as coffee, champagne and, for more adventurous souls, macha chocolate.

It goes without saying that any one of these would make a great gift for that special someone; but in Japan, no one is truly left out on Valentine's Day! While the trend of giving giri-choco ("courtesy chocolates") to male co-workers and honmei-choco ("real-deal chocolates") to significant others is still very strong in Japan, there are a growing number of women who either trade chocolates with their girlfriends or buy for themselves. In other words, plenty of women are breaking the male-centered mold! When my wife saw the pictures, for example, she asked me to buy her a chocolate suitcase—of the bitter chocolate variety, no less. Who am I to refuse a lady on Valentine's Day?