These new chocolates not only taste good, they taste like shapes!

photos by Akihiro Yoshida courtesy Nendo

In Japanese cuisine, "mouth-feel" is an important element, along with taste and presentation. It's important for food not just to taste, smell and look good, it also has to have a pleasant texture. Soft, fluffy white rice, jiggly pudding, crispy kara-age fried chicken... sometimes half of the taste is in the consistency!

These new chocolate prototypes by a design office called "Nendo" come in nine varieties of shape and consistency, and they also look amazing while tasting great (it's chocolate, after all!) So how did these unusual looking chocolates come into existence, and where can we buy them?

The chocolates were invented for the Maison et Object design show in France by Nendo designer Oki Sato. Sato's design, dubbed "Chocolatexture" explores the effects of different textures upon the overall taste and impact of chocolate.

The 9 types of "Chocolatexture" chocolate:

Tsubu tsubu – a cluster of little bubbles of chocolate.

Toge-toge – somewhat sharp spikes.

Goro-goro – a cluster of cuboid lumps of chocolate.

Poki-poki – a matchstick-thin framework of chocolate sticks.

Sube-sube – an extremely smooth cube.

Zara-zara – rough and bumpy chocolate.

article/images/121/chocolatexture07_akihiro_yoshida.jpgFuwa-fuwa- soft and airy chocolate.

Suka-suka – hollow chocolate with thin "walls"

This isn't Sato's first foray into experimental chocolate-making, however – he previously designed a range of chocolate paints as a collaboration with Pen magazine. The paint tubes themselves are composed of a hollow chocolate shell filled with different flavour sauces.

Unfortunately, the nine varieties of uniquely-shaped chocolate were created exclusively for Maison et Object, and are not for sale to the general public. 400 limited edition sets were created for the show, which means that only those who attended had the chance pick up a box. We can only hope that Nendo decides to sell the chocolates for consumption in stores some time soon.