With jaw-dropping views of Mt. Fuji and the country’s finest green tea as its inspiration, Shizuoka’s delectable sweet selection will have you begging for more!

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Visiting Tokyo? Well why not stop by Shizuoka along your way to excite those taste buds? It's just a hop, skip and a jump away from Tokyo being less than an hour away by train! Shizuoka is the home of the country's finest green tea, boasting Mt. Fuji as its shining crown and offers some of the most deliciously addictive sweets in all of Japan. 'Unagi Pie', 'Age Shio', 'Saen', 'Yamadaichi''s Abekawamochi', 'Tagonotsuki', 'Kokko' and 'Kurodaiyakko' are just some of the countless delectable sweets that Shizuoka prefecture has to offer.

Unagi Pie

Hamamatsu city is home to many delicious sweets but one of its most well known confectionary is 'Unagi Pie'. 'Unagi Pie' has been in production since 1961 and has thus gained quite a name for itself as a distinguished confectionary of Shizuoka.
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Carefully selected ingredients and flavors such as butter, eel extract and garlic are blended to create a crunchy sensation that has been enjoyed in Japan for over 50 years. But don't be afraid when you hear the word 'eel'. For those who have yet to try Japanese 'eel', its taste is probably best described as that of a form of marinated, savory yet sweet meat and is one of the most uniquely addictive tastes. Don't have time to make your way to Hamamatsu? Well luckily this delicious sweet is available at basically every Japanese gift shop (including small stores in train stations) as well as almost all major supermarkets such as Aeon. It comes in various pack sizes, with a pack of 12 retailing at just 866 yen.

Age Shio

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'Age Shio' is 'Marutaya Yookashi' store's most famous confectionary that satisfies cookie-lovers desires without the use of any butter! It makes the road to sweets heaven feel almost guilt-free! Orange, raisins and chestnut have been subtlety milled and boiled down to create a specially made mix. That mix, when combined with 'Marutaya''s carefully crafted dough, gives birth to a uniquely aromatic blend of sweet and sour flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy! 'Age Shio' is available from the Marutaya Yookashi' store as well as quite a few stations and Japanese gift shops in the Hamamatsu area, retailing at a 675 yen for a 180g box.


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'Saen' combines both sweet and bitter flavors to satisfy the cravings of those who seek a precise balance in flavor. Taking Japan's traditional, bitter green tea flavor, 'Saen's' makers add a bit of sweetness to their product in order to create that perfect balance. 'Saen' can be enjoyed on its own, or added to hot water and some creamy milk to create the ideal green tea café au lait. To preserve its refined taste, 'Saen' comes in a box made directly from the beautiful paulownia tree. Its wood is light, fine-grained, soft, and warp-resistant, so is often washed and used to hold other items after the 'Saen' has been consumed.

Yamadaichi Abekawamochi

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'Yamadaichi''s 'Abekawamochi' is not only mouthwateringly delicious in taste, but as been well known for being the best of its kind since the Senpu time period of Tokaido Gojyuusantsugi. Even to this very day, its reputations as as one of Shizuoka's most renowned mochi (rice cake) sweets still stands. There's no mistake that not only the sweet's taste but also its exquisite packaging will blow you away. All it takes is just one bite - you'll find yourself indulging in just 'one more' before you know it with its sweet, chewy taste. 'Yamadaichi''s 'Abekawamochi' is available in various package sizes, with its 172g package retailing at approximately 620yen from their Yamadaichi store. It is also available at a variety of Japanese gift shops around Shizuoka.


photo source: tagonotsuki.co.jp

'Tagonotsuki' is a traditional 'monaka' or Japanese wafer cake filled with red bean jam, with a sweet taste that has been treasured by countless people in the area for a very long time. With just one taste, you'll know exactly why people adore it with such passion. Traditional Japanese sweets lovers won't be able to resist its delicious taste, and is best when consumed with Japanese green tea. 'Tagonotsuki' is available in a variety of sizes from a variety of Japanese gift shops around Shizuoka. A pack of three is currently retailing for about 500 yen.


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'Kokko' is a 'steamed cake' that is formed from a specially made mixture of Shizuoka's delicious water and fresh eggs. It is a sponge-based cake filled with sweet cream and is sure to impress. It's not just any 'steamed cake' but a cake that has won the hearts of countless through its delightfully addictive taste. It is also well known for its appearance just before the opening of the famous anime 'Dragonball Z'. 'Kokko' is available at almost every Japanese gift shop across Shizuoka. There are also quite a variety of limited edition flavors to choose from, such as green tea, strawberry, banana and chocolate banana. It also available in different sizes, with its box of 6 original 'kokko' retailing at about 630 yen, making for a more than affordable delicious treat for you, your family or your friends!


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'Kurodaiyakko' is a ball of sweet, smooth bean paste that is coated in a brown sugar mix and is one of Shimada city's most famous cities. Its taste is simple, yet powerful. Many must be warned could find themselves eating an entire box on their own! 'Kurodaiyakko' is available at a variety of Japanese gift shops around Shizuoka.

These aforementioned sweets are only just the tip of the iceberg of delectable confectionary available only in Shizuoka. So why not stop by and see for yourself just how many sweet gems are available for the taking?