Ever heard of square-shaped cream puffs?

For 420 Yen you can get square-shaped cream puffs. At first you might think, those sweets look like chiffon cakes, but you will be surprised - this is a real cream puff!

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The dough is baked in a cube shape and filled with two layers of custard cream and fresh cream. You will enjoy the smooth and rich flavor of this sweets.

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Both, fresh cream and custard are a good combination in this really thin baked dough.

There are different flavors beside the original version - chocolate and strawberry and other collaboration products which you can find in department stores like chestnut and caramel flavor. Depending on the season you will find different flavors and those are also really delicious and rich.

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So, where can you find those special cream puffs?

At the Patisserie Kakaoetto Paris in Tokyo.

153-0043 Meguro-ku, Tokyo Higashiyama 1-9-6
Tel: 03-5722-3920
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00

This pastry has a French esprit and was built up on emphasizing French tradition. We carefully select high quality ingredients to create a ultimate taste with simple compositions.

The owner is the French pastry chef Mr. Jérôme Quesnel. He worked in top-notch restaurants like "Tour d'Argent" or ""Ladurée" such as several confectionery stores as chef patissier. His wife, Kabasawa Takako has also a considerable long career together with her husband.

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Why is the shop's character a squirrel?

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The little squirrel can be found on the cream puffs, cakes, almost everywhere in the store. In France the first plush toy a newborn baby will receive, will become a lucky charm for the whole lifetime of this person. In Jerome's case that has been a little squirrel.

Besides the cube cream puff you can find a lot of other different pastry.

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Indeed, this is authentic, but simple French pastry - and it all looks very delicious.

The innovative and delicious "cube cream puff" made by Mr. Jerome and his wife are highly recommended. Check out the cute squirrel at their shop in Nakameguro!