Sweets for the playfully inclined. Wagashi Asobi, the new sweets brand crafted to perfection!

Traditional Japanese sweets have never been seen less that an impeccable art form, however this new local confectionary brand brings to the world a new side to tradition and innovation, meanwhile proving a feast for the eyes. The unit consisting of Inaba Motohiro and Asano Rio's "Wagashi Asobi" brand from the local neighborhood of Ota in Tokyo aspires to serve its customers the best of its confectionary craftsmanship with a variety of types to choose from. Fluttering its way to attract international customers, Wagashi Asobi has captured attention from local magazines for its uniquely minimalistic designs.

Taking the sweets industry by storm, "Wagashi Asobi" literally means "playful Japanese sweets" in Japanese, thus adding an amusing image to its already light-hearted cute reputation. Opened in April 2011, Wagashi Asobi is 1 minute away from Nagahara station boasting a petite French- inspired cottage like shop offering more than 12 types of candy for customers to indulge. Their specialties include dry fruit jelly, herb Rakugan (hard candy), as well as an assortment of mouth-watering multihued desserts.

The herb Rakugan flavours include chamomile, hibiscus, rosemary, green tea, yuzu, and strawberry. Perhaps a new experience for tourists to explore, Rakugan is a Japanese delicate candy known for its fragrant aroma and subtle sweet taste.Wagashi Asobi sweets also customize their orders for customers with a special taste in sweets or designs.

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The "Chick on a Journey" series was born out of Parisian inspired delights."A Wholehearted Bouquet" is a delicately decorated piece made especially for birthday celebrations for that special someone. This piece is made with rose petals giving off an irresistible aroma wrapped around homemade sweet tasting grain sauce.

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"Forever Of the World" is an Okinawan style weave-patterned traditional sweet, traditionally gifted to special people in one's life for protection. This Ryukyu dynasty old desert presents the image of a long life full of prosperity and joy. A perfect gift for the most important person in your life ~

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Referred to as the "Zen Rock Garden", this traditional and minimalist design won the Midtown Design Awards as a collaborative design project between the store and Art Director Tomonori Saito.

"Overlapping of Light" is a translucent white sweet dish with a refreshing berry amber fragrance that rejuvenates every coffee break.

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Another collaboration between APROSIO & CO's and Wagashi Asobi has lead to this unique sweet product line that uses Uiro, a Japanese household product made from rice-powder, jelly and buckwheat flour. Designs resemble lilies from a valley, bears and clocks. One glance at this artistic display and you may find it too pretty to eat!

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The Nerikiri Asobi course gives you a taste of traditional Japanese culture through the sweet taste of bite sized heavenly delights. An artform so beautiful and enchanting, you can even eat it!