A must for all sweets-lovers! 5 popular chocolate fondue restaurants in Tokyo!

Chocolate fondue is a perfect treat for the cold winter season!

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Enjoy the hot chocolate together with your favorite fruits or favorite sweets during the cold days. This time we will introduce 5 popular shops in Tokyo, where you can enjoy delicious chocolate fondue. Besides the chocolate fondue you can find a lot more in the chosen fashionable restaurants, so this review is a must-read for sweet-lovers and people, who are open for try something new!

Fondue House at Omotesando

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This shop offers you a new form of fondue with swiss-style olive oil fondue. You can decide from 20 different kinds of fresh vegetables and four different types of sauce. With a free refill of vegetables and meat this shop really will seduce you to eat a lot! This shop also offers you a free buffet of meat and vegetables for refill.

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Besides hearty dishes, the shop offers the popular chocolate fondue. For 1550 Yen you can order a cheese fondue menu as variation. Fondue House is a very popular place among girls.

Manege Bldg 3F 3-5-9 Kita Aoyama Shinjuku Tokyo
TEL: 050-5789-9139

Shinjuku Globe

Since all rooms at Shinjuku Globe are private rooms, this establishment is perfect for celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. You can book a course just for girls, which is around 2480 Yen including a hot chocolate fondue and an all-you-can-drink menu for 3 hours!

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Besides that you can find a cheese fondue lunch set, which is fun to enjoy and became quite popular recently.

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38 SANKEI BLDG 3F 1-67 Kabuki cho Shinjuku Tokyo
TEL: 050-5797-7216

Marble Lounge Nishi-Shinjuku

At the Cafe Marble Lounge, which is located on the first floor of the Hilton Tokyo in Nishi Shinjuku, you can find a rich 24-hour buffet! Two types of chocolate fondues will await you there - the normal chocolate type and a strawberry type.

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A user on tabelog wrote:

"Choosing from 30 different kinds of sweets you can enjoy flavors like chestnut, caramel, chocolate and more combining it with the fondue."

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Hilton Hotel Tokyo 1F 6-6-2 NIshi Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo
TEL: 03-3344-5111

Max Brenner at Omotesando

Originated in Israel, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar sells delicious sweets at over 40 different places in the world. Takeout is also possible at this shop. Offering a lots of different products, there are also a lot of fans of this chocolate brand shop.

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"The new concept of this shop is to introduce the unique chocolate in a theme park-like store."

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Very popular is the chocolate chunk pizza, which you can see in this picture.

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Omotesando Hills 1F 4-12-10 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo
Tel: 03-5413-5888

La Boheme Qualita at Shibuya

You can find this shop with a stylish Italian atmosphere at Shibuya and Fukuoka. From the entrance to the inside of the shop you will find a lot of space in a fantastic western style ambience.
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Besides the chocolate fondue you will be able to find all different kind of sweets lined up. This shop will leave sweet-lovers spoiled for choice.

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The birthday surprise dish is also very fashionable.

Besides that you can find an abundance of fresh and delicious sea food!

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Shibuya MItsuba Bldg B1F 20-11 Udagawa cho Shibuya Tokyo
Tel: (03)5728-6388