A journey through 25 gummy candies: Introduction

Gummy bears, gummy worms, gum drops, how many variations can we come up with? In Japan, there are too many of these chewy, sweet gelatinous blobs, and in an interesting linguistic evolution, all of them are simply called "gummy," pronounced phonetically as "goo me." Starting today we embark on a long, multi-episodic adventure into the Japanese world of gummy snacks. We stocked up on a massive amount — 25 in total — to map out the gummy taste spectrum. Some purport to be sweet, others boast of sour acidity, while others stress their chewiness. Testing a handful of each at random, we hope to determine which gummy can live up to its hype. What gummy will stand the confectionary test of time

A rating system has been established in order to maintain a record of each gummy throughout the tasting process. We will rank the each gummy on a scale of 0-5 in the following categories: sweet, sour, chewy and soft. An overall score will also be determined.

Five to six of the following gummies will be tasted at random over several sessions. The following is a list of the gummies we're dealing with:

Puré Lemon Gummy

Puré Grape Gummy

Chupa Chups Gummy

Mitsuya Cider Gummy

Mitsuya Fruit Cider Yuzu Mikan Gummy (Japanese citrus)

Ninja Meshi Orange Gummy

Ninja Meshi Ume Katsuo Gummy (Plum fish flavor)

Kaju (fruit juice) Orange Gummy

Kaju Grape Gummy

Fettucine Italian Lemon Lime Gummy

Fettucine Boysenberry Apple Gummy

Cho Himo Kyu Grape Gummy (really long string gummy)

Moko Moko Himo Kyu Ramune and Melon Soda Gummy (fluffy string gummy)

Sours Cola Gummy

Sours Strawberry Yogurt Gummy

Otoko Ume Gummy (Men's Plum Gummy)

Calpis Gummy (original flavor)

Calpis White Peach Gummy

Cororo Grape Gummy

Puccho Hoppe-chan Cherry Gummy

Ko Ume-chan Gummy (little plum gummy)


Shigekikkusu Gummy

Shigekikkusu Muscat Grape Gummy

Shiawase ni Kukyuu Apple Yogurt Gummy

What an impressive list! Stay tuned for our first batch of testing. We're already getting hungry.

All photos by Bakemono Ltd.