A journey through 25 gummy candies: taste test #3


There are benefits and drawbacks to eating gummies all the time. The benefits are obvious: sweet, sugary, bliss-filled days of chewing. The sugar crashes and bloated feeling after hours of indulgence are less pleasant, however. Nonetheless, we must carry on, as we are presently smack dab in the middle of our adventure through the world of Japanese gummy treats. We picked 25 random gummies to sample. Today we try out samples ten through fifteen: Puccho, Mitsuya Cider Mikan, Sours Cola, Fettuccine citrus, and something called Shiawase ni Kukkyuu, What surprises lie in store... we will soon find out.


Puccho didn't get its start as a gummy. No, it's more commonly packaged in a cylindrical stick, just like its cousin Starburst and Hi-Chew. (curious fact: last month Puccho was used to launch a rocket high into the atmosphere!) Jumping on the gummy bandwagon, these Puccho gummies are small and hard. They are too small to be enjoyed individually, and too hard to be easily chewed. The best method of consuming them is to shove a dozen or so into the mouth in one swift go, and then juggle them around the molars for a while before they're soft to attempt chewing. They are the gummy equivalent of a cough drop—slow burners for the long haul.

Unfortunately, there's no particular quality in these little candies that stands out. They're a calorie-filled way to kill some time and nothing more.

Mitsuya Cider Mikan

Considering Mitsuya Cider is a soft drink, the product's transition to the gummy market is remarkable, beating out many established competitors. We got our first taste of Mitsuya Cider's gummies a few weeks ago when we sampled the original flavor. The Mikan version is no disappointment either. The outer sugar coating and the delicate ratio of the soft to chewiness makes Mitsuya Cider's gummy a true treat for candy lovers everywhere.

A disagreement arises! Five stars from one tester and only two from the other.

Sours Cola

What to do about cola-flavored sweets... they never quite work the way the manufacturer intends. Indeed, cola is a peculiar substance as it is – a combination of sweet caramel and vanilla flavorings tied together through the sharp bite of citric acid, carbonation and pure sugar. A candy is not a beverage, and though emulations of beverages like Mitsuya Cider are implemented successfully, the peculiar flavor concoction of Cola is not an easy feat to execute. And so, without surprise, this Sours Cola gummy fails to impress.

Chewy, sugary, and despite the name, not remotely sour.

Fettuccine Citrus

The previous grape flavor we tried was an all-star of our first taste test. This one's perfect too. Sour and sweet compliment one another perfectly, partially due to the fettuccine-inspired thin strip design, which ensures each bite is adequately covered in sour-sugar coating.

This is a first! Top marks for this gummy. 5 stars!

Shiawase ni Kikyuu
(rough translation: Happy Paws)

The idea of puppy-oriented gummies leaves a curious impression, and the taste is equally strange. It's the yogurt flavoring and the flour-coated exterior that gives this candy the texture and taste of slightly sour bread. Considering the bizarre flavoring, it's not bad by any means, rather, it's peculiar. Some people will love it, while it will baffle others.

Our testers loved it!

We're deep in the gummy game at this point, having tested a whole fifteen samples. So far, the Fettucinne line of gummies is taking all the high marks. But with ten more to go, there's still time for a game changer. We've discovered some very interesting candies so far, from the puppy-themed gummies we had today, to the real-as-fruit grape gummies we tried last week. With any luck, there's no telling what miraculous gummy creation we'll discover for our next testing! Until next time!

All photos by Bakemono Ltd.