Rondon-yaki’s cake making machine is a feast for the eyes and so much more.

Many stores and restaurants across Japan want to attract tourists to their establishments. Perhaps they should take a cue from Kyoto's Rondon-yaki outpost and place the eye-grabbing machine that makes all products in a spot where people can watch the process themselves (while generating a super sweet smell).

Rondon-yaki has become a hit with visitors to the historic Japanese city in recent years. Found within the famous Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade, the small store sells castellas
– a type of sponge cake – filled with a white sweet bean paste. A single bite-sized cake costs only 50 yen, although way more can be bought, either fresh or wrapped up for those wanting to take Rondon-yaki's famous offering back home.


The dessert itself, though, is only part of the reason Rondo-yaki draws so many visitors. Customers can watch the machine responsible for making the castellas in action, providing a rush for all the senses. The process leaves a sweet smell hovering around the store, while the mechanized process boasts a rhythmic clink-clank soundtrack that's fun to listen to. Take a look at the machine in action: