A journey through 25 gummies: taste test #4

Round four of gummy testing, our palates are cleared and we're ready for a mass injection of sweet and sour sugar satisfaction. On the menu today are Pure Lemon, Ninja Meshi Ume Katsuo, Shigekikkusu Energy Drink DX, Calpis White Peach and Cho Himo Q Muscat & Grape. All gummies were found on the candy aisle of the local convenience store. We tear off the wrappers and give a taste to our two testers. Let's see how this batch of gummies fare.

Puré Lemon Gummy

Among all the gummies we've tried so far, there's no denying the spectacular level of perfection that this gummy's managed to achieve. Is it sour? Yes, a little. Is it sweet? Yes, but not too sweet. Is it chewy? Just enough to be interesting, but not enough to get boring? And the texture of sugar/sour coating on the outside combined with the robust jelly inside makes for a satisfying synergy of flavorful joy.

The gummy taste testers are in agreement too. This is the best!

Ninja Meshi Ume Katsuo

Ume? Katsuo? For the uninitiated, that's sour plum and... dried fish flakes. No surprises that this gummy was engineered by wacky candy manufacturer UHA Mikakuto. They're known for making all sorts of goofy stuff, like Butter Balls and something called Salted Soda Candy. Biting into this gummy, the first few seconds are characterized by the familiar pucker of a sour plum flavor, soon followed by the salty fishy taste of the katsuo. Indeed, not many candy consumers imagine fish in their sweets, so perhaps Ninja Meshi is hoping to serve as an acquired taste for the sweet aficionado. So far, I'm not too convinced though.

We've got to be honest, Ninja Meshi Ume Katsuo is kind of gross.

Shigekix Energy Drink DX

Very hard and very sour, Shigekix is a battle between candy and consumer. Every muscle in the jaw works furiously to break down the hard rubbery chew before its sourness overwhelms the senses. Not something one could call an enjoyable experience, but certainly a conversation starter. For those who like their candy mean and lean (they're very small too), Shigekikkusu are the gummy for you. For the rest of us, who like to enjoy eating nice things, these are best to avoid.

A brutally low rating fitting for a challenging and hard-to-eat candy.

Calpis White Peach

It's hard to fathom how one soft drink's first foray into edible gummy snacks could be more successful than what Calpis has managed to create with this magnificent candy. These gummies must utilize some sort of untapped new technology in food creation, because their texture is out of this world. They are fluffy like a pillow, and the lightly sugar coated outer layer protects the soft jelly inner layer, which bursts with flavor upon chew. Perfection.

High ratings for a high-quality candy.

Cho Himo Q Muscat & Grape

Cho Himo Q gummies aren't so much traditional gummies as they are fruit-by-the-foot rolls of sugary string. They boast a total length of 126cm, taller than many of the elementary school kids who they're marketed to. Aside from their lengthy novelty, they leave little lasting impression. Typical gummy fare for the social eater.

Overall a low evaluation of this long and stringy gummy.

Today was a mixed bag of amazing tasting gummies and more novel, not so yummy gummies. Puré Lemon and Calpis White Peach really made an impression, one we wont soon forget. Looking in our big bag of gummies (25 in all), we're a little sad to see that only five remain. Indeed, the next test taste will be our last. Until then!

All photos by Bakemono Ltd.