A journey through 25 gummy candies: our last adventure!

Our long and fruitful journey through the world of gummy snacks is finally drawing to a close. We've been privileged to sample a wide range of sour, sweet, chewy and soft candies, but sharing the results of our taste tests with you, the reader, has been the biggest privilege of all. Today marks our last sampling. Alas, all great things must come to an end. For us, that means five more gummies to chew through: Ninja Meshi Mikan, Himo Q Ramune, Otoko Ume, Kaju Grape and Mitsuya Cider. Here we go!

Ninja Meshi Mikan

By now, we've had enough experience with the Nina Meshi line of gummies to know that these are going to be hard, demanding snacks – snacks fit for a ninja, we presume. While they're not bad, they're not overwhelming good – something to stick in your mouth in order to kill idle time. We at mogmog are too busy eating candy to have any extra idle time to kill, so these Ninja Meshi snacks don't serve our needs too well. Sorry Ninja Meshi! Let's see what our taste testers had to say.

Well, our test testers found these above average! Guess they've got a little more time on their hands for relentless chewing.

Himo Q Ramune

If size were everything, Himo Q's length would make it a contender for best gummy. But it's slender, flaccid string of uninspired goo doesn't leave us particularly impressed. The packaging alone reveals Himo Q's target market: kids. Kids will eat anything, especially if it's whaky and zany. Well, while whaky and zany things are always welcome, without a little attention to taste, you'll have us quickly turning to something more satisfying.

Indeed. Average marks for an average gummy.

Otoko Ume


All these "Otoko" candies feel a little sexist, no? (For the non-Japanese speaker, "Otoko" means male). Candy makers have made the unfortunate assumption that all things sour ("Ume" is a sour plum) are clearly intended for men. Apparently, women just can't handle the bang of acidic sourness that comes with every chew. Well, we've got news for you. These so-called "male" gummies aren't even that sour. A toddler could handle these, E-Z-P-Z. All the machisimo of Otoko Ume is a ruse, a sly deception!

Slightly below average marks for you, Otoko Ume.

Kaju Grape

The perfect fruit snack. We at mogmog would argue that there is a difference between "gummies" and "fruit snacks." Fruit snacks are what you give your kid on a picnic. Something that is fun and tasty, but also doesn't fall strictly into the junk-food category. With every bite of these Kaju Grape snacks, we find ourselves nostalgically reminiscing on our childhood culinary experiences. And when food combines with sentimentality, you're sure to have a winner.

If our taste testers have any taste, than these gummies are the clear winner!

Mitsuya Cider

Mitsya Cider is originally a beverage. Perhaps you can deduce that from the name. The problem with Mitsuya Cider is that, as a beverage, it was never particularly good. It's this strange, overly sweet version of 7-Up or Sprite, but it has this awkawrd apple cider taste that never quite gels with the sugary carbonation. If one doesn't like the original product that the gummy is based on, does this disqualify one from making an accurate appraisal of said gummy's value? We'll let you judge for yourself, but suffice it to say, these are some non-particuarly enjoyable snacks.

A mere two stars for a not very good candy. Alas…

Well… that was quite a lengthy journey. Stuffing all these gummies in our tummies has been fun. Sometimes sour, sometimes bizarre, probably not very healthy, but, nonetheless, very fun. We are all about fun here at mogmog, so we're sad to have to say farewell, sayonara, to the world of gummies. Our adventure was long. It was intense. It won't soon be forgotten. Indeed, if you need to refresh yourself on the abundant world of chewy snacks available in Japan, we encourage you to peruse this series of articles. We're sure you wont be disappointed. Experience the entire journey with us by reading the articles below.

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All photos by Bakemono Ltd.