Dirt cheap “dagashi” from Japan: candy for when you’re broke (part 1)

As we mentioned earlier this week, we're starting a new series covering low-class "dagashi" candy. These cheap sweets with a long history through Japan. If you missed out on our introductory piece, check it out here.

On our weekly adventure to the candy store, we select a sizable bag of goodies.

As this particular shop specializes in candy of the "dagashi" variety, we make out with a things ranging from 20 yen a pack to 200 yen a box – in other words, it's a bargain. Today we'll take a look at the cheapest of the cheap: these 20 yen sugar chews from Nagoya company Meiko Seika.

They actually end up being pretty enjoyable. Most of the satisfaction comes in the texture, as each chomp provides a rewarding squish. Other than that, the taste is as expected (read: sugar).


Mix fruit

Fruit soda


We'd suggest using these as decorations, or as last minute gifts for friends when you have no room left on your carry-on.