Meet a super fan of Japanese snacks who wants to make a biggie-sized poster devoted to okashi!

Anyone who is a fan of Japanese snacks is a friend of Mogmog. Fanny Chu, based out of Berkeley, California, blogs about Japanese food over at her site Japanese Foodie. She writes about a wide array of eats associated with the island nation, ranging from ramen to sushi to okashi.

And her love of Japan snacks doesn't end there. She's currently raising money for a new poster devoted to Japanese snacks, highlighting tasty treats such as dora-yaki, kakigori and taiyaki. It features tasty-looking illustrations of each food, along with a brief English description of just what exactly the snack is. Right now, the initial Kickstarter goal for the snack poster has been met, but with just over two weeks to go, there is still time to unlock more styles of the print...and to get in on the ground floor of getting your own copy of it.

This isn't Chu's first foray into the world of food-centric posters. Earlier this year, she successfully financed a similar print devoted to ramen you can get here. Though you can nab it and the snack poster together if you act fast.