Candy maker Bikkuriman collaborates with smartphone game Puzzle and Dragons on new collectable sweet

Bikkuriman, while not well-known outside of Japan, is a legend in the world of collectable holographic stickers, packaging hard-to-get characters alongside their chocolate wafers. The original candy, manufactured by Japanese company Lotte in the late 1980s, inspired video game spin offs and a frenzy of children eager to get their hands on the limited-time-only stickers.

Now, Bikkuriman is collaborating with popular smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons to create a new collectable chocolate, which goes on sale Monday, January 27th starting in Shizuoka Prefecture. The candy is expected to retail for around 100 yen.

Twenty four sticker variations will be launched for the Puzzle & Dragons X Bikkuriman series, with two special designs designated as rare collector's items.

Each sticker is illustrated by Bikkuriman's in-house graphic artist, and includes character descriptions on the back. Two separate exterior packages, depicting Zeus and Hera respectively, are also being released.

You can check this guy trying to complete all 24 sticker variations at the video below.