New Sailor Moon product ‘Miracle Romance Moon Crystal Gummy’ coming soon!

In coordination with Morinaga Milk Industry, Bandai will be launching the new Sailor Moon product 'Miracle Romance Moon Crystal Gummy' as of January 27th!

This exciting new product will be utilizing Morinaga Milk Industry's cell body heating and sterilization (referred to as 'Shield lactic-acid bacterium') while the Sailor Moon series will be used as a motif by Bandai to promote its sale.The gummies will be mango yoghurt flavoured and will contain 2000 mg of collagen as well as a whopping ten billion of Morinaga Milk Industry's 'Shield lactic-acid bacterium'. The product's theme is centered on the Sailor Moon series that so many of the present day's 20 and 30 something women fell in love with as children and is also based on the concept of supporting those women who are now battling the trials of the corporate world in this present day. The gummies will come in up to 4 different forms that have been modeled off characters and items that appear in the Sailor Moon series. The recommended retail price for this product will be 130 yen (not including taxes).

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Translated by Cheryl Coyle