Bursting with Flavour! Candy Crush Chocolate!

CANDY SHOW TIME will begin the sale of a new product 'Candy Crush Chocolate' as of January 17 (Saturday).
At CANDY SHOW TIME you can now enjoy the new sensation that the crunchy texture of this new product brings. Its mouth-watering combination of finely crushed candy and colorful flavored chocolate will have you begging for just that one extra bite!

There are 3 different flavors available – strawberry, lemon and mint.

The lemon and mint chocolates contain popping candy that burst with flavour and vitality in your mouth.

It's a nostalgic yet mysteriously new flavor!

Mixed into the mint flavor are bits of fizzy candy, which make for a wonderfully delicious combination.

In the strawberry flavored chocolate, there are strawberry candies and flake-shaped bits of lightly baked crepes. Moreover, real, semi-dried strawberries are also mixed in,enabling you to experience the taste of both the juicy and crispy flavors at the SAME time.

With its colorful, cute contour, the new 'Candy Crush Chocolate' makes for a perfect gift!

*Candy Crush Chocolate*

Information and Price 1 Case (1 chocolate) 500 yen (incl. taxes)
Purchase Period: January 17 (Sat), 2015 ~ February 15 (Sun), 2015.
Available from: CANDY SHOW TIME store and our online shop.
Contains: Milk and Wheat

*Only limited numbers available, sale may end earlier than scheduled dates.