The new chocolate products for 2015 are finally in!

The new chocolate products for 2015 are finally in! There's everything from Godiva chocolate that you'll be excited to give that important man in your life to cute confections perfect for exchanging with your friends. And don't worry if your guy hasn't got a big sweet tooth—there non-sweet and salty varieties tailored just for him.

Deciding what kind of chocolate to give year in and year out can be a painstaking decision. Everyone wants to avoid the same-old, same-old, and even more than that, to make the people they'll be giving it to very happy! Hopefully this blog will make things less confusing, and spur you to get your sweets from the Land of the Rising Sun this holiday.


Introducing Godiva's limited edition chocolate, "Fondant," which means, "melt" in French! The

"Fondant Chocolat Cool" blend of dark chocolate cream and ganache has a smooth taste that makes it truly special. "Fondant Phrase" features sweet and sour strawberry cream and white chocolate. Little heart decorations, printed on each heart-shaped piece, definitely convey that special Valentine's Day spirit right from know. The gorgeously-designed package looks just like a kaleidoscope of love, topped of with a heart and ribbon motif that will make your man absolutely sure how you feel about him.

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The romantic red-heart-within-a-pink-heart design of Laduree's limited-edition Macaroon Box, "Cool Crystal," is sure to win yours even before you open it. Inside the twinkling package, you'll find a wonderful assortment of macaroons just perfect for giving—or eating for yourself.
With this year's limited-edition macaroons, you can savor the taste of confectionary Framboise
(Raspberry) and an infusion of ginger. There are of course heart-shaped versions just for the season, so that you can feel free to send your heart to that special someone whenever you like!

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This collection, appropriately called "Folie Douce" (Sweet Madness), is brimming with the passionate, playful flavor of cacao! The lineup includes "Forevere," a papaya-flavored caramel morsel with milk-chocolate coating. The limited-edition "Cool," a new heart-shaped chocolate, is also being introduced.


This year, Henri le Roux is introducing 3 types of sweets boxes, each showcasing a different, special feeling of France. First there's the "Vis," named for the kiss that French people give each other as a friendly greeting. Then there's "Amour," which means romance and love; finally there is "Ensemble," or "togetherness." As if the names aren't enough, the deep-crimson ribbon surrounding each box is sure to make a dramatic statement on Valentine's Day.

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Altogether there are four types of chocolate bon-bons included within this confectionary delight.
Imagine yourself out of the cold, basking in the tropics with the coconut-flavored "Varadero," or
experience "Tora Vita," a passionate blend of rose and Bergamot. Don't forget "Jannu," created from a combination of almond nougatine and hazelnuts. Finally, enjoy "Pare Oar," a textured and aromatic blend of chocolate and coffee-flavored ganache perfect for the occasion.


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The NY-founded Mariebelle New York and Tomorrowland have collaborated to produce their
"Valentine Special Art Ganache" in limited quantities. Get some if you can.

There are two types of boxes being introduced here. One contains four chocolates, including mildly sweet types such as "Dulce de Leche," "Cardamon," and Tomorrowland originals "Wildberry" and "Madagascar." The other, smaller box has two chocolates of the hazelnut and Madagascar varieties.Mariebelle New York's ganache is like an edible jewel, appealing to both the eyes and the taste buds. Buy it for someone you care about and get into the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Compartes Chocolatier

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Considering the simple and sophisticated packaging, you won't believe what's inside Comparte's
Chocolatier's brand new offering: Little tiny skulls! Artistically adorned with both camouflage and kiss marks, these guys boast flavors including "Praliné noisettes "and raspberry, 6 kinds in all. Enjoy the variety of flavors—just try not to think too much about what exactly you're eating!


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This is Valentine collaboration between the Italian "Premium Casual" fashion brand DIESEL and
Compartes Chocolatier. The tin box looks just like a cog—the kind that moves the heart! Inside you'll find a limited-edition "Bitter Caramel" flavored truffle, plus "Fresh&Bright" underwear from DIESEL. This special gift box comes with an intriguing finishing touch: On the lid there's a clock, powered by love, of course.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

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From 2/1/2015 until 2/14/2015, the Palace Hotel Tokyo will be selling 6 kinds of limited-edition
Valentine sweets in their 1st-floor pastry shop, "Sweets & Deli." Your eyes aren't fooling you,
though—these chocolates really do look like old-style colored pencils!

These vividly-colored "Crayon Colore" are more than just chocolates-as-colored-pencils. Created with an eye on Japanese tradition, each one is coated with white chocolate that reproduces patterns from the legendary Edo Period, including those seen on the gorgeous art paper and kimono robes of the time. All six pencils are arranged inside a distinctive pen case, topping off an image that is both elegant and playful. This is one Valentine's Day gift worth writing home about.


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Each of the petals in this cute "flower arrangement" boasts a different flavor; there are nine in all. Every box also comes with an additional diverse assortment of truffles, so it's sure to be a hit with nature lovers as well as those who just enjoy the simple pleasure of sweets.


"Kyorol is the playful sprite of the Chocolate World.

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Kyorol has transformed into many different kinds of chocolates and is now waiting inside the box, wanting nothing more than to make you happy every day. Each version is printed with a different pattern—or is that just Kyorol making a fashion statement? As for the hearts, I think that means that Kyorol loves you."


This Valentine's Day, Kobe-based chocolate maker Goncharoff has partnered with Cheburashka (a cute woodland creature, as you can see) to introduce a chocolate collaboration simply titled, "Cheburashka & Goncharoff."

Since Goncharoff was founded by a Russian man named Mr. Makar Goncharoff, and Cheburashka is a popular Russian character, I guess this collaboration is a match made in chocolate heaven. Each gift set comes in 8 varieties and features an original carry bag. Whether you choose the Cheburashka-shaped variety or the one with his likeness printed on each chocolate, I think they're almost too adorable to eat. In that case, I suppose there's no harm in buying two sets!

Mary's Chocolate

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Moomin has captured the hearts of fans both young and old—and this stylish package helps bring his world to life. Inside is an assortment of chocolates using a variety of aromatic fruits and nuts that smell just as good as they taste. Try them and become a Moomin fan, if you aren't already.

Hotel Okura

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Imagine combining the aroma of fermented raisin wine, a spicy syrup coating with just the right hint of pepper, and a rare chocolate with even more pepper course-ground right into it. Are you hungry yet? Well, you don't have to dream anymore! This snack is fit for those who want to trade sweet for sophisticated. Enjoy it as a dessert or even as a midday treat.

Sanktgallen Brewery

This chocolate beer is only available through 2015. It's made with chocolate malt and beech wood-smoked to give it a distinctive, dark-chocolate flavor that goes down easily. The smoky aftertaste will thrill your nose as well as your taste buds! Smoked stout is usually excellent with other smoked items, and this one is no exception. Try it especially with sausage, smoked salmon, bacon, or smoked cheese. And don't forget to say "cheers" before you drink it.

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The whole point of the ever-popular, bestselling "Cube" is that it offers an alternative Valentine gift that is decidedly on the salty side. What's more, the package is even more colorful this year! Brighten your special person's day with vivid colors and crunchy confections, called sembei, or rice cookies.

The "heart sembei" come in old-style flavors that Japanese people love, including shoyu (soy sauce), almond okaki (another kind of rice cookie) and even nori (seaweed). Taste traditional Japan while saying "I love you"—you won't regret it.

Did you find something for your special someone?

Finding the perfect chocolate for the one you love can be challenging, but it's also fun! I hope this blog helps you to make the right choice this holiday. Go for it—and get some for yourself, too!