A garlic-filled cola known as 'Jattsutak Cola' is out now!

On January 9th, the Takko Centre in the town of Takko in Aomori city released a garlic-flavoured cola known as 'Jattsutak Cola' or 'Takkoura' for short. Despite the seemingly ridiculous combination, it is actually said to taste good!

photo source: nlab.itmedia.co.jp

The unusually flavoured drink is a combination of fine garlic powder and cola. After experiencing the exciting tingling sensation from the soda, in comes the garlic aftertaste. "Where on earth did the name of the product come from?" you may ask. Well, the name 'Jattsutak Cola' is named after Takko's local expression for 'surprise', which is 'jattsu'. With garlic-filled cola as a product, I'm sure that's what customers will be in for.

Harvest season in Takko takes place some time in the first week of July. During this time the whole town is filled with the smell of garlic; hence where it gets its name 'Garlic town'. Takkoura uses fine garlic powder from local sources in the town of Takko.

Up until now the town has released garlic-flavoured products such as 'garlic wine' and even 'garlic ice cream'. In order to develop 'Takkoura', its makers had to go through a series of trial and error, and apparently the idea for the product came about from the basis of 'garlic = cooking'. Its makers created the drink with the hope that it would instill an exciting sensation for its drinker's taste buds, and that it would be an experience that they could never forget. It was also influenced by the recipe for ginger ale.

photo source: e-ninniku.com

An interesting fact that you probably wouldn't expect, is that the recipe for 'Takkoura' was first developed a very long time ago. Garlic was used in the recipe and influenced by international exchanges since more than 20 years ago. Garlic goes well with many foods and is thoroughly enjoyed particularly when cooked with meat such as hamburgers, so why not add it to a soft drink?Takkoura Section Manager Ms Sato is also involved with PR dealings regarding the product. The town of Takko has a sister city in America named Gilroy and have had mutual dealings with each other on a yearly basis for 20 years. Gilroy even has a 'Garlic Queen' who acts as a friendship ambassador on behalf of the city. Ms Sato sometimes visits Gilroy to support the cities' undeniably strong connection.

A case of 24 of this excitingly unique drink costs 7400 yen (including taxes) and is available for purchase from the Garlic center's official website.

It will also be sold at the Garlic center's main store for 229 yen (including taxes) and is said to only be available for purchase until the last day of February.