The Laziest Little Egg Gets a Sweet Spin

Gudetama -- Sanrio's lazy egg character -- will make its appearance on specially designed packaging on purin(Japanese style custard pudding) and roll cakes, through the confectionary chain Fujiya. It started selling throughout Japan since January 30th.

Born in 2013, Gudetama is a new character from Sanrio, best known for Hello Kitty. He is the most unmotivated character ever, appearing to be an anthropomorphic egg yolk lazing atop an egg white, sometimes even with a bacon blanket.

ぐでたまショートアニメ 第1話(3/31放送) 投稿者 sheepyangel

First in the sweets lineup of these lethargic eggs is Gudetama Purin, which uses the rich and gentle taste of eggs, to make a lightly baked custard pudding. The packaging design comes in 10 varieties, so even its appearance is something to enjoy.

Gudetama Roll is a rolled sponge cake (of course, made with plenty eggs), filled with two different colored creams that mimic the colors of egg yolk and egg whites. The "egg white" is a milky cream and the "yolk" is a custard cream that are harmoniously swirled together in the rolled cake. Gudetama Purin will be sold for 172 yen and Gudetama Roll for 918 yen.

In commemoration of the sale of these Gudetama goods, purchases of over 1080 yen will come with a clear file as a present. This campaign will start at all Fujiya pastry shops in Japan from February 6th. Items included in the campaign are the Gudetama Purin, Gudetama Roll, as well as Fujiya's standard Milky Cream Roll (1080 yen), Strawberry Milky Cream Roll (1200 yen), and 3 Piece Macaron set (450 yen), though this may differ depending on the store.

If either the Gudetama purin or roll cake catches your interest, be sure to not be as lazy as Gudetama himself; get out there and get it before it sells out!