Introducing the world's first rocket run on candy!


Space exploration is already the coolest of the scientific frontiers, so it's hard to imagine how it could become any more interesting. With national space agencies like JAXA, NASA and Roscosmos (that's the Russian one!) working alongside private entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and sexy Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson, do we really need another party getting involved in the space race? Apparently so! This week, a new challenger enters the industry: candy manufacturer UHA Mikakuto!


On March 7th, UHA Mikakuto launched the Candy Rocket Project, the world's first rocket run on candy fuel. It was the first time that a candy (popular soft-candy Puccho) was responsible for more than just satisfying someone's appetite. This time it would propel a rocket a whole 248 meters into the atmosphere. Seven seconds later the rocket descended from heaven, landing with a thud. And even though the rocket weighed less than ten kilograms, the technological implications are clear: candy may just someday take all of us far, far away from this lonely planet.

As the debate rages over the future of petrol-based fuel, Puccho adds its own compelling argument to the future of our energy needs. No more fossils in our fuel, we've got a sticky sweet sugary substance to take us into the twenty-second century. Lift off!