Potato sticks with a fresh twist: Jagabee puts a new spin on its ever popular potato snack.

Possibly the most famous Japanese potato snack in Japan, Calbee's Jagabee are an all-time household favourite. This spring, we see new limited flavours that gives the original potato sticks an interesting and playful twist: the Ume Shio edition.

The crunch and texture of the Jagabee sticks are as good as ever;crispy on the outside with just a hint of potato-y softness inside–very much like an extra crunchy fry.Coating the sticks is a light ume powder (Japanese pickled plums) and salt. A departure from most salty potato-based snacks, this new flavor has a sour tang that helps bring out the savory umami of the potato sticks. If you're looking for a highly satisfying snack this spring, search no further.

This new limited flavor is available at most convenient stores and supermarkets. Grab your cup of Calbee and get ready to munch your way through spring.