American pop art icon finds a home sweet home in new Japanese candy


While candy is first and foremost about taste, what would it be without a little style?
UHA Mikakuto, the same company who recently launched a rocket fueled by their very own Puccho candy, is using their candy as a catalyst for further non-culinary explorations. This time the company skips the aeronautics and goes for something more aesthetically engaging – depicting the colorful, playful world of American pop art icon Andy Warhol in a new series of cough drops.


Over two dozen pieces by Mr. Warhol decorate the exterior aluminum casing of each pack. We find such masterpieces as the Velvet Underground banana, his monochrome self portrait, and some of those classic cats. Each case is filled with 15 grams of sugarless cough drop tablets in mint, grape or cola-flavor. At 210 yen, we're tempted to collect them all.

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