Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku makes her candy debut

Hatsune Miku's image appears everywhere in Japan. The aqua-haired woman, who is the cartoon avatar for a singing-synthesizer program called Vocaloid, has been one of the nation's most popular characters for the last few years, and her image graces CD covers, karaoke stores and even cars. Given her biggie-sized status, Miku also collaborates with famous brands (think Toyota and Marc Jacobs among others) and foods.

This spring, she's given two classic Japanese candies a temporary makeover. Chocolate wafer Bikkuriman and hard candy Koume have become Mikuriman and Komiku, respectively, at Family Mart convenience stores across the country.

Despite a special package featuring Miku and several of her Vocaloid pals, the Mikuriman is just a regular Bikkuriman bar. Which isn't a bad thing, considering the original wafer treat remains a crunchy (and affordable) snack, with a taste approaching an ice cream cone coated in chocolate.


More pressing for Hatsune Miku fans is what comes with the candy — packages of Bikkuriman have always come with stickers of original Bikkuriman characters, with some seals being far more valuable than others...and subsequently fetching decent yen. The Mikuriman boasts 14 varieties of special Miku-related stickers, so stock up now.

The Komiku treats, meanwhile, come in a flavor unique only to this limited-edition run. Regular Koume packages feature flavors such as cherry or pineapple, but these Miku drops come in Muskat flavor, presumably because both that type of grape and Miku's hair are a similar shade of green. Whatever the reason, the candies serve up a sweet taste, with a pleasant bit of sourness that never tips into uncomfortable territory.

Miku herself isn't fading from public view anytime soon, but these snacks will, so if you are a fan of the virtual Vocaloid singer, try to get these treats while you still can.