German soap brand Badefee creates delicious-looking cosmetics that are almost good enough to eat!

German cosmetics brand Badefee caused a stir when they officially arrived in Japan, opening their first store in Omotesando Hills for a limited time from April 2 to 14. There were huge queues as excited shoppers lined up for a chance to get their hands on one of Badefee's adorable bath treats, which look exactly like delicious cakes. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that these soapy creations are actually edible!

They may look like delicious sweets, but they're actually bath treats!

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There's a wide range of delicious-looking bath soaps available.


The gift boxes are so cute!

If you missed the limited edition pop-up store, you can still buy the treats online from their website (link below). They even have special gift boxes containing a selection of different bath products, which look like tiny cakes. They'll make the perfect gift for a friend (or, let's be honest, for yourself!)

Despite their delicious-looking appearance, the brand is keen to stress that they do not sell anything edible in their range, and all products are for external use only. As tempting as it might be to give one of the yummy-looking "cakes" a lick, all you'll get for your troubles is a mouthful of soap!

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