How to make the world's most expensive yogurt

Hoping to take your spending habits to the next level this year? Here's something that your credit card statement just won't excuse: a ¥5,000(approx.50USD) jar of yogurt. Crema D'or, from Hokkaido, is apparently the world's most expensive yogurt. Packed in a jewelry box, you can see the luxury before you can even taste what's inside. More interesting than the yogurt itself is how they managed to make it so costly.


Believe it or not, the retail price isn't all that surprising when you find out how it's prepared. First, the dairy is sourced from the Sea of Okhotsk in Hokkaido, a very remote, very ideal location to raise cattle. But not every cow makes the cut; only 50 heads are selected for this yogurt. Imagine, Crema D'or is so exclusive even the cows don't all make the cut. Next, add a dash of honey, domestically-produced of course. (Note: honey in Japan is a delicacy on its own, with prices running three to four times that of their western-produced brethren.) Add sugar and it's finished! That's all! No coloring, artificial flavoring, preservatives or dubious substances—just pure, thick, milk and honey yogurt bliss.

So there you have it. Looking to make something incredibly expensive? Take the best possible ingredients, then siphon them off so only the best of the best remain, creating a dense resin of purity. Then make sure there are no additives, so it has to be produced, shipped and eaten within a tiny window of time. Put it in an ostentatious jewelry box and now you just have to find a classy distributor that wants to work with you!

The distribution is the hard part. Crema D'or is available through their online shop, and occasionally in stock at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Osaka. Checking the website, it appears that even the online shop quickly sells out. A message says it wont be ready for another ten days! Shipping directly from Hokkaido, realizing the long journey that this yogurt made just for you should fill your stomach and soul with a deep sense of decadent satisfaction.

Oh, if you're curious as to Crema D'or's actual taste, the milk and honey yogurt has a rich, cream cheese-like texture. It goes well on a baguette or biscuit, and the entire experience is akin to eating a small piece of cake. Sounds alright!