This biscuit maker adds the joys of manga into each box

Last week we made a brief visit to Okayama, where we examined their occasionally-explosive "Bakudan candy." Well, we're pleased to tell you that that's not the only cool thing the region has to offer. These new "financier" biscuits (read: high class French snacks) produced in Okayama combine the joys of eating with the joys of reading.

They're called "Joou seika," or "The Queen's Confectionaries." Inside every box is an 8 page chapter of a continuous manga series playfully documenting the history of Okayama. This first chapter is titled "A general's bullion sleeping in the garden of pleasure and a jet-black castle shining in the night of silence mysteriously." Wow, that sounds intense! The story is expected to continue throughout the course of several dozen chapters. That means you have to buy new boxes to get the story.

If you happen to live in Japan, you can order the first edition here:

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