Welcome to Okayama, where the castles are big and the candy explodes

About two hours drive down the coast from Osaka, the prefecture of Okayama is known throughout Japan for two things mainly: a big beautiful castle, and peaches.

This big beautiful castle...

Courtesy flickr (coniferconifer)

These perfect peaches

Courtesy flickr (Takuma Kimura)

But we at mogmog were delighted to discover another wacky treat. Apparently, Okayama's sweet lovers delight in a local delicacy called "Bakudan Candy," or "Candy Bombs." It sounds exciting enough, so we were curious to find out just these dangerous snacks were?

Bakudan Candy



Whoa! These look fantastic. Each of these ice candy's is packaged in a rubber encasing, which gives them their distinct shape. And what's with the name? Do they actually explode? A little research yields an answer… Unfortunately, not really. At least, not once they're already made. Rather, the name derives from the manufacturing process. In fact, they actually do tend to blow up as they're being put into their cases.

Anyways, with Bakudan Candy, peaches, and a fantastic castle, this is just another reason to put Okayama on your to-do list next time you find yourself traipsing through the west of Japan.