A secret sweet in disguise... this dango is not what it appears

Here's a special snack for the summer that's more than it appears. You just have to be in Osaka to experience it.

Image via gigazine

Until August 31, the Senri Hankyu Hotel and the Hankyu Hotel Expo Park will sell Mitarashi Dango. From looks alone, this snack (350 yen for one) appears to be a dango sweet, a traditional Japanese treat of sweet rice flour, with a "mitarashi" take on it usually featuring four balls on a stick coated in a soy-based sauce. The only detail out of the ordinary with this limited-time foodstuff is each ball boasts a smiley face.

Image via gigazine

Yet biting into the Mitarashi Dango leads to a twist – the actual snack isn't a traditional dango eat, but rather a special cream cheese mousse just shaped like the classic Japanese sweet. It gets coated in a slightly salty soy-based jelly (again, a little different from the usual form), and the whole thing offers a bit of a different take on a standard dessert. Make sure to hit up Osaka before the summer ends to try it out.

Adapted from original Japanese article