It’s a banana! Or is it? Sweet maker Kakiya pranks us with this beautiful daifuku

On the outside it looks like a banana. Indeed, sitting next to the real fruit it's hard to tell them apart. But then we bite down and realize this is no banana at all! This is a traditional Japanese daifuku! We've been tricked.

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That's right. Mie prefecture based sweet maker Kakiya just introduced these Chilled Banana Daifuku's, startling fruit lovers and candy lovers throughout the country. That outside layer a banana skin? Well, that's actually mochi. Inside is banana cream and, to top it off with a slice of irony — that thing in the very middle is actually a banana!

In the spirit of playfulness, this isn't the only fruit they're experimenting with. Take a look at this one below, called the Tropical Chilled Pineapple Daifuku. Once again, a piece of pineapple is lodged in the middle of a layer of pineapple cream and mochi.

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Kakya's coming full circle on the "sweets-that-look-like-fruit-but-then-actually-contain-fruit-inside" concept. Perhaps next we can expect a kiwi, or my favorite, the dragon fruit…

For more information, check the company's official site here.
This article adapted from original Japanese. (1) (2)