Introducing WOW BOX, your monthly assortment of themed Japanese candy (GIVEAWAY at the end!)

For the past several months we've been introducing our readers to the vast and delicious world of Japanese sweets. Whether sweet or savory, we love it all, and we think you will too! After lots of planning and taste testing, we're delighted to announce a new service that gives you a chance to enjoy all the okashi we write about!


Fun & Tasty WOW BOX


Kawaii & Beauty WOW BOX

Introducing the WOW BOX, our brand new monthly candy subscription box.
Here's how it works (it's really simple).
You pick your WOW BOX theme. We curate candy to your WOW BOX theme.
Every month you'll find a new WOW BOX at your doorstep.
Open and enjoy.
Change your theme at any time.

What are themes?
There's all sorts of Japanese candy. Some people want anime-related candy, others want cute and dainty candy. We tailor the WOW BOX to your specific desires.
Currently we offer two themes, and will expand with more and more themes over the next few months.

1) Fun & Tasty: All the fun, wacky, and weird treats Japan is known for, including the popular DIY snacks you've seen online.

2) Kawaii & Beauty: An offering of tasty low calorie treats, beauty-enhancing
snacks and super cute candies. Plus, we also throw in the occasional cosmetic product!

We're the only Japanese candy subscription service offering multiple types of boxes, giving you the most freedom in deciding exactly what kind of treats you want to enjoy!

In order to pick out the best items for you, we've assembled a team of dedicated experts, both Japanese and international, to find sweets and snacks from Tokyo to Kyoto, Hokkaido to Okinawa, and beyond! Some of us have over 30 years of experience in the Japanese culinary world! We know the taste and sensibilities of our friends around the globe, and we're always keeping them in mind when we stroll down the candy aisle.

Interested in getting your hands on your very own WOW BOX? We're so excited to share our WOW BOX with you, we're offering 20 free boxes just for you!
Enter for a chance to win a Fun & Tasty or Kawaii & Beauty WOW BOX.
**We currently ship to the USA only, and will be expanding to additional regions shortly.

Fun & Tasty Giveaway

Fun & Tasty WOWBOX Giveaway ( Size L )

Kawaii & Beauty Giveaway

Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX Giveaway ( Size L )