Globally famous Pocky celebrates 50th anniversary with a few changes to its classic snacks

Pocky, one of the most famous Japanese snacks ever produced, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and you can expect some big updates to celebrate. Nothing too radical -- the folks behind the beloved chocolate-covered biscuit sticks know what has brought them to this birthday in the first place, and aren't going to tinker with it -- but you can expect some change to a few of the treats signature flavors.


The classic chocolate Pocky variety will see its pretzel base get an extra oil coat, with the intentions of making the product melt in one's mouth even better than before. The slightly thinner variety of chocolate Pocky, meanwhile, will offer a far more "enjoyable" taste than before. More significantly, "Adult Milk Pocky" will add more butter into the mix for its pretzel base, making for a richer taste. The strawberry variety, meanwhile, will see the crunchy stick part turned pink to stress its "cuteness." The last promise Pocky makes is for their almond flavor, which is set to become even more filling than before.

Whatever changes go down this year, make sure to celebrate one of Japan's most celebrated snacks on a significant birthday.