The new Japanese inspired Matcha flavoured Choco Pie has hit the stores

With a slight tang of that rich green tea, this may be a seasons favourite.

Around Japan, Lotte's Chocopie is a classic go-to-snack when either rushing to school in the morning, grabbing a newspaper from the local convenience store or just enjoying an end of the day treat.

Found in most convenience stores in Japan, Chocopie is not only a stable in the sweets and chocolates aile, its one that has been around for decades, originally sold in the United States.

Gaining widespread popularity worldwide, this light and easy on the palette snack flourished in Japan with limited new flavours and variations of the original. This season's new Chocopie flavour is Japan's very own traditionally inspired Matcha or green tea flavour.

To the international world, this may seem like a natural flavour to introduce in Japan, due to an idealized image of traditional local culture. However, upon trying out this new product, it has not only offered a Japanese twist, but done so quite harmoniously!
The chocolate and green tea flavours blend together delicately to create that subtle green tea tang, while still maintaining a light overall aroma. Definitely one to keep stacked for the winter month!