Meltykiss review: Winter Themed Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolates

A new year begins, and with it comes a new lineup of Meltykiss chocolates!

Meltykiss is a series of chocolate truffles sold in Japan only in the winter, which coincides with its selling point: It is marketed as a "chocolate that melts in your mouth like snow."

Today, I will be reviewing 5 items from the Winter Edition lineup, and 3 items from the Winter Limited Edition lineup, which just came out on January:

From left to right, top to bottom: Meltykiss Dark, Meltykiss Pyramid, Meltykiss Savory Soybean Flour, Meltykiss Fruity Strawberry, and Meltykiss Premium Chocolate.

Meltykiss are usually cube-shaped, bite-sized chocolates, and as the description suggests, they are indeed very smooth and melt in your mouth. Like truffles, they have a soft ganache center that is covered in chocolate. This is then coated in a fine dusting of cocoa powder, which is supposed to represent snow. The soft centers come in a variety of flavors, ranging from standard chocolate to matcha.

Meltykiss come in cute boxes with about 15 individually wrapped "kisses." The box is re-sealable as well, so you can save some for later (though for me, they rarely ever last that long).

First, I will review the standard cube-shaped Meltykiss Winter Lineup.

Let's start with Meltykiss Premium Chocolate. Like all Meltykiss, when biting into it, your teeth immediately sink into the soft, outer shell of chocolate and into the ganache center. This one in particular is said to contain more cocoa powder, but it did not especially stand out to me versus other chocolates. The outer shell is lightly sweetened, but overall, there is not much difference in flavor between the inside and the outside. This Meltykiss is a safe choice, but otherwise not very interesting.

Next is Meltykiss Fruity Strawberry. Strawberries are in season in Japan in the winter, making this one the most sensible in terms of it being a limited winter release. Immediately upon biting into it, you get a burst of sweet, but slightly tart strawberry flavor. I was expecting an overly sweet, strawberry milk flavor, so this was a pleasant surprise. The strawberry flavor is strong compared to the outside though, so you barely get a taste of the thin, outer layer of chocolate.

The Savory Soybean Flour is my favorite for its distinct flavor. Soybean flour a.k.a kinako has a subtle, nut-like scent and flavor. I have heard others describe its taste to be like a very, very light peanut butter. But even better. The lightness of the soybean flour pairs itself well with the chocolate. I found this to be the most balanced out of the three, in terms of being able to taste both the chocolate and the center filling. It does not underwhelm like the Premium Chocolate, and does not overwhelm like the Fruity Strawberry one. Compared to the other two, this one is the most interesting to share because of its flavor that is unique to Japan.

Next, I will review Meltykiss Pyramid and Meltykiss Dark.

Meltykiss Dark is much like Meltykiss Premium Chocolate in terms of texture, but tastes more like dark chocolate. It has a richer, deeper flavor, but comes in a flatter, rectangular shape that is better enjoyed in two bites rather than one. Though it is a little pricier and comes with only 8 in a box, I would recommend it over the Premium Chocolate.

Meltykiss Pyramid stands out the most because of its, well, pyramid shape! Compared to the previous products, this is the only one that is not a truffle; it has a harder milk chocolate shell, but it is still easy to bite into. It is also the only one with caramel sauce inside instead of ganache. Pyramid still lives up to the name of Meltykiss though with its smooth, yet not runny caramel center. The caramel is not sickeningly sweet either, so it does not clash with the outer milk chocolate shell. Pyramid is the largest of the Meltykiss products and comes with 6 in a box.

Finally, I will be reviewing the 3 newest items in the Winter Limited Edition lineup:

From left to right, top to bottom: Meltykiss Kuchidoke Rum & Raisin, Meltykiss Youshu ga Shimikonda Kuchidoke Cake, and Meltykiss Umami Koi Matcha.

Meltykiss Umami Koi Matcha, translated to something along the lines of "Delicious Dark Matcha," is indeed one of the strongest flavors in the line. When I opened one of the individual chocolates, I was immediately hit by a powerful matcha scent. The Fruity Strawberry has a strong scent as well, but nowhere near as much as this one. I also noticed that this Meltykiss is a darker green than most matcha-flavored chocolates out there. The flavor as well is strong and a bit bitter. If one were to compare milk chocolate versus dark chocolate, this is like comparing a standard matcha chocolate to a dark matcha chocolate. As a fan of anything matcha-flavored, I quite liked it, but I imagine it could be overwhelming for some people.

Next is Meltykiss Youshu ga Shimikonda Kuchidoke Cake or "Melt-In-Your-Mouth Liquor-Soaked Cake," perhaps the most surprising one in this lineup. The packaging on this one states that it contains 2.4% alcohol. This Meltykiss also does not have the standard cube shape or the cocoa powder outer layer, making it appear more like a chocolate-covered cookie. As soon as you bite it though, you realize it is definitely not meant for kids. You quickly taste and smell the bitterness of alcohol, shockingly intense for something so small. While I did not particularly enjoy this flavor, I did like the chewy, brownie-like texture inside.

Lastly, Meltykiss Kuchidoke Rum & Raisin or "Melt-In-Your-Mouth Rum & Raisin" is the second one in the lineup containing alcohol. Lined up in the box are 4 bars, about the length of a finger, making this the longest Meltykiss. The packaging states it has 3.7% alcohol, so when I opened one, I expected an equally, if not stronger scent than the previously reviewed Meltykiss, but this one has a lighter alcohol scent. This Meltykiss has a smoother chocolate shell, a liquor-infused ganache center, and a few rum-soaked raisins. The outer chocolate is smoother than Pyramid, keeping it consistent with the melt-in-your-mouth theme. The raisins inside are bursting with the rum flavor. This Meltykiss better blends the liquor and the chocolate compared to Youshu ga Shimikonda Kuchidoke Cake, so I recommend this one more than the other. Otherwise, this one does not stand out, and with only 4 in a box, it makes it the most expensive.

All Meltykiss products can currently be found in any convenience store or grocery store and ranges from about 260 to 280 yen a box. Every season, I enjoy purchasing all the different boxes of Meltykiss just to try them out. However, I would ultimately recommend Meltykiss Savory Soybean Flour and Meltykiss Pyramid, with Meltykiss Fruity Strawberry as a fairly close second, and the Meltykiss Umami Koi Matcha for any green tea lovers out there. For dark chocolate lovers craving something smooth and creamy, I suggest going for Meltykiss Dark.

The Meltykiss Winter Edition lineup is available until about end of February, so be sure to grab them before they disappear from the shelves!