Pocky Variations in Japan - discover different flavors of coated biscuit sticks

Thinking of famous Japanese sweets, immediately Pocky comes to my mind. Known in Europe as "Mikado" Pocky are chocolate coated biscuit sticks, which are produced by Ezaki Glico. In Japan the original one was first sold in 1966.

Nowadays you have dozens of variations of Pocky including flavors like milk, mousse, green tea, honey, seasonal variations and a "mature version" of Pocky. Usually the "mature versions" are less sweet and are made of dark chocolate.
Besides seasonal variations, Japan also offers regional variations of Pocky. For example, in Nagano you can find Pocky with grape flavor and in Hokkaido you can enjoy melon flavored Pocky.

In Tokyo, at Ameyoko­cho we found a variety of seasonal Pockys and some unusual flavors, we would like to introduce to you.

Ameyoko­cho is the place for getting fresh food and cheap snacks. The narrow road is packed with food stores. Go there by using the Yamanote Line to Ueno or the Hibiya Line for Nakaokachimachi.

Original Pocky

The original Pocky comes in a red box. The flavor of the chocolate coated sticks is not too sweet and you will enjoy the original version as much as the different varieties.

Wa gokoro Matcha Cookie Crunch

I tried this kind of Pocky the first time. As a big fan of Matcha taste I expected the typical taste of green tea. This pocky is made of crunchy Matcha bits, covered with chocolate. It is quite thick and the box contains 4 packages of seperatly wrapped sticks. The taste was rather surprising, since it was a bit salty and not very sweet. However the overall combination of Chocolate and green tea was a perfect match. I recommend this kind of Pocky to everyone, who enjoys typical Japanese sweets.

Tsubutsubu Ichigo Heartfull

This Pocky is a real eyecatcher and probably most enjoyed by girls. The pink box decorated with strawberries in heart shape contains two packages of delicious strawberry flavored sticks. When you open the package, sweet strawberry smell will make your mouth watery. However, the flavor is not too sweet, a bit sour just like biting into fresh strawberries. Tsubutsubu describes the granulated structure of the sticks ­ the taste is fresh and sweet and will make you want more.

What I loved most about this Pocky is the heart­shaped biscuit stick, which is a creative and aesthetically pleasing way of presenting the buiscuit.

midi Potteri ichigo

This version is probably my favorite. Very sweet and thick, you will get short biscuit sticks in a flashy pink box. The biscuit stick is not the usual thin stick, but a thick choco cookie covered by a very sweet creamy milk­strawberry flavor. This Pocky is a seasonal version for winter and I really enjoyed every single bit of it. For people, who enjoy very sweet flavor this Pocky is a must!

midi Potteri chokora nama cream

Another seasonal winter version of Pocky ­ again you will have shorter sticks with a thick cream coating. The biscuit sticks are the usual ones, the cream is a very sweet and rich. Basically, it tasted like a mouse­ cream with milk. I really liked the design of the box ­ blue and white, covered with snowflakes. This very sweet Pocky is best enjoyed on cold winter days.

Almond Crush

In a golden box you will find 2 packages of delicious Pocky with a very strong almond taste. If you love almonds, this Pocky is definitely for you. I never had a snack with such a rich almond taste before and it goes very well with the chocolate cover.

Panda Cookie & Cream

This Pocky comes in a quite cute box. With a white cream coat and a dark chocolate biscuit, this Pocky really looks like a Panda. The taste is cookie and cream, not to sweet and not as rich as the winter versions of the midi Pocky. If you enjoy a light taste of cookie and cream, this Pocky is for you. The design of the box was the feature I actually liked most.

Pocky thin version

This is the usual Pocky in a different shape. Therefore you will have 50 sticks in one box. The taste is the typical biscuit chocolate mix, but since the sticks are very thin, the taste is more light.

Otona no Milk

This is one of the "mature" Pocky versions, Glico has produced. The package is quite elegant, black and white, showing delicious looking Pocky sticks dipping into fresh milk. The biscuit of this Pocky is crunchy and totally different from all the Pocky biscuits I had before. I was actually surprised, what difference in taste you can get, by just changing the texture of the biscuit. The taste is not too sweet, a bit creamy, which goes perfectly with the crunchy inner part of the stick. Even if you are not an adult yet, you will like this version of Pocky! ;)

Fuyu no kuchidoke

Kuchidoke means "melt­ in ­the­ mouth" and this is what you can expect with this really delicious Pocky variation. Besides the strawberry Pocky I really enjoyed this seasonal winter version, too. Covered in chocolate powder, coated with chocolate cream, this Pocky is very soft and "mochimochi". The sticks are quite thick and you will be able to enjoy the taste of this Pocky a bit longer. As a winter version get your package quickly, before they sell out!