We tried the ‘Zusshiri’ Ice cream! ‘Manly Strawberry’ Flavour!

Those who have yet to bask in the delicious glory that is 'Zusshiri!' ice cream have no idea just how much they've been missing out on. Read a little further and you'll soon see why.

Bursting with flavour, 'Zusshiri' 'Manly Strawberry' ('Otokogi') flavoured icecream is a combination of both chocolate and strawberry coatings with a strawberry-flavoured cookies and cream center. The chocolate layer, containing sugar cone crunch bits will already get you feeling like you're in heaven. To make things even more amazing than you'd believe possible, the strawberry layer contains cookie bits to make the ice cream that much more crunchier and delectable.

One of the best parts that I'd thought I'd save until last - a good portion of the strawberry flavour is REAL strawberry! As a result, biting into the strawberry coat practically sends sparks to your taste buds through its sweet, tangy flavour,making this ice cream one almost impossible to ignore.

Its predecessor, the original 'Zusshiri' ice cream, had two layers of chocolate coating over an already flavourful cookies and cream ice cream. Its initial layer of chocolate was filled with bits of almonds to leave you feeling satisfied for longer with its second layer teeming with sugar cone crunch bits! This item appears o no longer be available however, as a result of being replaced by the new 'Zusshiri!' 'Manly Strawberry' flavoured ice cream. This replacement is by no means any less delectable than its predecessor though, and takes the bar even higher by adding that real strawberry flavouring!I must mention however, that a whopping 433 calories and 140ml make this ice cream not for the fainthearted. Its name, 'Manly Strawberry' essentially challenges men to test their 'manliness', and to see if they can handle its meal-like calorie content. To blatantly express this challenge, it even has written on its package a phrase along the lines of 'Challenge yourself to take on this filling monster of an ice cream"

Despite its name and calorie content, no woman should overlook their chance to eat this flavourful ice cream. Trust me on this one ladies. As a woman myself,having tasted the delectableness of this ice cream, I am yet to find a better tasting ice cream. Treat yourself to an experience I promise you will not forget. And if you feel guilt-tripped by the calorie content, just do what I do and eat the ice cream in thirds! Indulge in a third of the ice cream and you'll already feel satisfied. Put the ice cream back in the freezer to treat yourself another day. Maintain balance and just live your life a little! Ready to go out and take on the challenge? Well this flavorful snack is only available at Ministop convenience stores around Japan and costs 172 yen(including taxes). It's more than likely that 'Zusshiri' 'Manly Strawberry' flavoured ice cream will soon disappear just like its predecessor, so don't miss out!