One look at these little panda-faced candies and your heart will be captivated.

The newly unveiled Sakusaku Panda is packed to the brim with cuteness. Its kawaii level will overwhelm kids and adults alike. Despite being so adorable, the actual flavor of each panda-faced snack is refined and well-crafted, making the Sakusaku Panda an ideal treat for people of all ages.

Creating Sakusaku Panda was no easy feat. In order to come up with something this great, two companies joined forces to collaborate on a concept that would be both delicious and cute. Kabaya Food's managed the flavor and taste department, while Logy – part of trendy fashion brand Earth Music and Ecology – took care of the design.

The exterior packaging – arched and folded-in – gives Sakusaku Panda the look of a gift-bag, making it an easy present for friends and family. This synergy between taste and design is proving beneficial, as the sweet is gaining so much popularity with the public that initial sales exceeded Kabaya's target by a whopping 126%.

Chocolate Sakusaku Panda

The chocolate Sakusaku Panda is made of three layers. The top layer is a semi-bitter chocolate, while the middle layer contains an addictive fluffy chocolate cream with a chocolate sauce center. The final layer is a crunchy cocoa-flavored biscuit. Each layer works fantastically with the other two, creating a crunchy, creamy, sweet experience that can no doubt be enjoyed by all (presuming you don't have a chocolate allergy!). Every bite provides a combination of bitter and sweet chocolate — a culinary celebration of the wide, delectable spectrum of chocolate. And in true refined fashion, Kabaya imports cacao all the way from Ecuador and sources the almonds from Sicily.

Adult Strawberry Fromage Sakusaku Panda

The Adult Strawberry Fromage flavor uses cheese powder and strawberry from Europe to create an exquisite sweetness sure to leave a lasting impression. The moment you bite it, a burst of strawberry goodness explodes from the center, filling your mouth with fruity delight. Like its chocolate counterpart, the eater is spoiled with three delicious layers in each bite. The top layer is made with strawberry cream and fromage, while the center is filled with strawberry sauce, complimented by a strawberry-flavored biscuit on the bottom.

In addition to its addictive delicious taste, the pandas for both flavors come with a variety of different expressions that will no doubt overwhelm you with their kawaii power! Each expression is certain to be a party favorite, so feel free to share the love and all that is kawaii.

This delectable sweet can be purchased at convenience stores for just 194 yen (including tax) and includes eight individually packaged sweets in each box. So what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in a cute and delicious experience that won't soon be forgotten!