A Preview of Spring: Waori Sakura Chocolate Cookies

Spring is coming, and with that the sakura (cherry blossoms) start blooming. So it comes as no surprise that as winter ends in Japan, sakura-flavored treats are making their way into the snack market.

One such product is Waori Sakura by Glico, the company best known for the ever popular Pocky.

Waori Sakura is described as a "sakura-scented baked snack dressed in chocolate." It comes in a pretty purple-pink box, displaying a picture of delicate looking cookies resting among sakura blossoms. Such an elegant exterior design gives me high expectations for this snack.

Waori Sakura is described in more detail on the back. Looking at the marketing blurb, I deduce that this is a baked crispy cookie lightly covered with milk chocolate.

Inside the resealable box, I find three neatly stacked plastic packages.

Approximately five cookies fill each plastic pack. The cookies themselves are easily eaten in one or two bites, but are best chewed slowly in order to capture the subtle sakura taste.

Unfortunately, these cookies don't quite live up to their packaging. The cookies consist mostly of chocolate, and after biting into each piece, it's difficult to locate any aroma of sakura. The texture is crunchy – eliciting a satisfying snap with each bite, akin to a chocolate-covered graham cracker.

As I eat more and more, the sakura flavor gradually reveals itself, coming more as an aftertaste than a direct flavor.

Overall the Waori Sakura is an average treat, tasty without being particularly memorable. The faint, barely-there sakura-flavor is perhaps intended to tease the consumer with just a hint of spring before the cherry blossoms bloom. Now, I'm curious to see what other sakura snacks are going to make their way into stores within the next few weeks!