Over five decades of ChocoBalls and we still can't get enough!

Before we get started, let's take a look at this video.

Oh dear, this peanut-shaped bird is cute. He's too cute. His name is Kyoro-chan and he was born in 1965. Half a century later and Kyoro-chan is still going strong, decorating the packaging of his very own candy, the ChocoBall. He's gone on to star in video games and anime series, all thanks to the never ending popularity of this chocolate candy.

photography by Bakemono Ltd.

The ChocoBall may just be the most nostalgic sweet on the market. Produced by snack juggernaut Morinaga, the ChocoBall's weathered decades of candy crazes. Even in the turbulent 2010s, with dozens of new candy flavors hitting the market every month, ChocoBall still manages to find its very own place in the supermarket aisle.

And that's where we tracked down three of ChocoBall's many flavors: peanut, caramel, and strawberry. I bring these candies into the office to share with my two co-workers. Before we devour each and every little ball, they share stories of their ChocoBall-laden childhoods, where summer afternoons were spent in the throes of a deep sugar-induced food coma. Morinaga blesses approximately 1% of ChocoBalls with a special "angel mark," and the lucky carrier of this pack gets a special tin of bonus candy.

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It's easy to imagine my co-workers, now in their late 20s, chasing after every pack of ChocoBall that their mommy's would buy for them, hoping that only one day they could finally get that special tin. So with the memories flowing, and an extra burst of sentimentality filling my heart, we're ready to fill our stomachs with these classic ChocoBall flavors.

Peanut is the grandfather of all the ChocoBalls, the first flavor that hit the market. Biting down into the small capsule, a dry crack emits through the room as the chocolate covered peanut collapses inwards. This ChocoBall is not particularly sweet.

photography by Bakemono Ltd.

They're subtle, which means they go down easy, two, three, four at a time.

Within the first moment of chewing, an intense sweetness overpowers the senses; this is the "candiest" candy of the ChocoBalls.

photography by Bakemono Ltd.

Caramel and chocolate, sugarry and sweet, it's sure to be popular with hungry kids in the west.

Strawberry is the newest of the three, and as such its flavor feels the most updatesdfor contemporary tastes. That strawberry chocolate flavoring, though clearly artificial, is undeniably delicious. My coworkers don't particularly care for this flavor (perhaps it hadn't yet hit the market when they were little), so I eat the rest of these quietly by myself, hoping no one around me notices the extreme sugar intake I've just assaulted my body with.

photography by Bakemono Ltd

Face feeling slightly pudgier, I take a deep breath and get on with my work.

Of the three, strawberry is the sweetest, caramel is the most decadent, and peanut is easiest to devour. But, of course, with ChocoBall, it's not just about the taste (which, if we're being honest, is pretty typical), it's about the decades of collective experiences we're taking part in. From the 1960s up to now, million — nay — hundreds of millions of Japanese people have grown up with Kyoro-chan and his ChocoBalls. Today we've joined the conversation. And you can too! Find ChocoBalls in any convenience store or supermarket throughout Japan.