No muss, no fuss, and tasty too—Why I get so much “SoyJoy” from eating these healthy Japanese snack bars!

What does being "on the go" mean to you? For me it's rushing between train stations X and Y during Tokyo rush hour, my stomach growling angrily because I've had zero breakfast that morning! Fortunately for me, almost every station offers a veritable cornucopia of riches for the famished soul! Which is to say, there's usually a couple of kiosks with good food-related treats to choose from.

via Rog01

So do I go for a morning candy bar? Nope, can't go to the meeting with choco-breath. Chips? Sure, if I want to pass over my business card with sticky fingers. How about a sausage-filled bun? Sure, if I wanna get my shirt dirty, and feel the thing in my stomach for an hour afterward! The truth is, these things are all just excuses. Whenever I see a kiosk on the go, my eyes zero in on a SoyJoy bar—and I grab it, no questions asked! Not only are SoyJoy bars healthy, but they will leave a good impression—as in, they won't crumble or flake on you! As you'll see below on their website, the "no muss, no fuss" thing is actually a selling point. Oh, how I do love Japan!

SoyJoy bars are made by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, the same company who brought us SoyCarat. Well, SoyCarat's crunchy while SoyJoy is chewy, but the two snacks share something obvious in common: They are both made from soy! Who'd have thought that soybeans would bring so much…please don't make me say it. SoyJoy's English homepage says that each bar is made of 100% soy with all the nutritional benefits. This is hard for me to believe, if only because, the texture is very close to that of a cake! Not so much gooey but chewy, like the peach cobbler I loved as a kid.


But how do they taste? I'm glad you asked! At my last count, SoyJoy bars come in a whopping 12 different varieties, some of them (like "Hawthorne," made with azuki beans, or Fruity Tomato) are pretty off-the-wall! There are also more standard ones, which I'll explore in more detail below. I love nearly every one I have tasted, and I'll bet they'll be more in the future, you just wait.


My two personal favorites are Cacao Orange and Strawberry. Cacao Orange's blend of chocolate chip and orange peel always makes me feel as if I've had a bit of fancy dessert coffee somewhere, even while rushing off to that next meeting! And strawberry tastes just like camping as a kid, reaching into that bag of trail mix for a bit of fruity goodness tinged with a hint of chocolate and hoping nobody sees me grab a huge handful. I was able to try one of the new flavors, Peanuts, and found it to be deliciously true to its name: Augmented with a slight sweet syrup, with nothing to get in the way of the whole peanuts stuffed liberally inside. It's a mouthful you won't regret! I hope you can taste the joy for yourself sometime!