Kit Kat breaks off a piece of apple pie just in time for Easter

If you are a serious snack lover, you're definitely aware of all the exotic and cool flavors Kit Kat produces in Japan. This Easter, Kit Kat teams up with the Easter Bunny to create a new festive flavor that is sure to tingle your taste buds.

This is definitely one of the coolest editions Kit Kat has came up with recently. The rich taste of apple tart fills my mouth the minute I take a bite and its pairing with the crunchy wafer biscuit is strangely satisfying. And just when I think the flavorful bite's coming to an end, there's a slight carrot-y aftertaste that continues to linger in my mouth, even after devouring all the remnants of wafer and chocolate. A definite hit with anyone looking for a cool new Kit Kat experience in the coming festive season.

Check out the different Easter Bunnies hiding in these packages, waiting to be munched on!

The quality of Kit Kat's wafer biscuits are as good as ever, coated with rich, apple tart-flavored chocolate.

An assortment of the different Easter Bunny designs; choosing chocolate has never been more fun!

And, you can personalize your Kit Kat bars with messages for your loved ones this Easter!