Spice up your life with Lotte's new Chocolantan pear and chocolate sweets!

Snack company Lotte has done it again. The company's newest creation, Chocolantan, is a new and exciting take on the biscuit, adding a combination of nuts and sugar for a crispy, chewy burst of flavor. Garnering compliments from Japan's top pâtissiers, and with a customer satisfaction rate of nearly 90%, we can't help but wonder what exactly makes this sweet so special. We snatched up two packs to see if Chocolantan could live up to its reputation. After sampling each flavor – pear and chocolate – we guarantee that both flavors are sure to rock your world.

Chocolate-flavored Chocolantan contains the perfect balance of nougat, almond, scotch, peanuts and chocolate. The peanuts and almonds are roasted and dipped in scotch, and each bite resonates with a crispy, crunch. It's the crunchiest texture we've consumed in recent memory.

The sharply-trimmed edges of each biscuit add an extra level to the crispiness of the nuts, taking the degree of crunch to an even greater extreme. An additional layer of chewiness compliments each crunchy bite. This chewy texture is the nougat mixed into each biscuit. Which prolongs the chewing process, enabling us to savor each bite for just a little longer.

The pear flavor contains the same fundamental ingredients as its chocolate-flavored counterpart but is supplemented with one additional key flavor – the western pear. Pear may not be the first fruit one considers when making sweets, but it is a surprisingly great choice for this biscuit, creating a fruity, fulfilling experience.

Regardless of which flavor you choose, Chocolantan is the perfect sweet to share with a friend or loved one. Its packaging is sleek, and because each piece is individually wrapped, friends and loved ones can take a piece hassle-free. Chocolantan is available both online and at a variety of convenience stores across Japan for a limited time only. Priced at just 204 yen (including taxes), it makes a great gift for the Japanese sweet lover. Be sure not to miss out on the crunchy experience of a lifetime!