Meiji transforms nature into sweet, pink goodness for spring

Japanese confectionary giant Meiji is known for the numerous cute lines of chocolates and candies they produce. One of their most popular cute snacks is the Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama line. These two chocolate editions, loosely translated to "bamboo shoot field" and "mushroom mountain," essentially recreate nature with chocolate. This spring, Meiji gives its classic, fun chocolate line a twist by turning everything pink to match the season.

Slightly sweeter than the standard chocolate editions, the spring lineup uses strawberry chocolate coating to give these cool little treats a pink makeover. This is a must try for all strawberry chocolate fans out there.

Takenoko no Sato

Pink tipped bamboo shoot chocolates lining up waiting to be gobbled

Kinoko no Yama

Little mushrooms with pink caps? What else can be more KAWAII?!

It's snack time!