Calbee give classic Ebi Sen a spring makeover

Ebi sen (prawn-flavored rice cracker sticks) are a common beer snack in Japan. The crispy,bitesize finger morsels sprinkled with seasoning are a perfect snack anytime, anywhere. To up the delights of these tasty crunchies, Calbee introduces a new spring special: the Kisyhu no Ume Ebi Sen!

Ume, or Japanese plum is a specialty of Kishyu. It is said that the cooler climate produces plums that are juicier, and the sweetness that comes after the initial sour taste makes the Kishyu plum the queen of all plums. So of course, we had to try for ourselves and find out what this new limited flavor has in store for us!

The rich, sour tang of plum is much stronger than any other ume-flavored snacks we've tried out. Of course, the classic, salty taste of prawn sticks is still discernible but it's the Kishyu plums that take the main stage. A bold, strong-flavored snack for those of you looking for something to surprise your taste buds. Definitely a good departure from normal sweets and snacks, and what better way to start spring than with a fresh new twist!