Citrus-infused chocolate with cookie coating: a complicated relationship


Strawberry-flavored chocolate is perhaps the most popular fruit-flavored chocolate in Japan. However, for those who find strawberry-flavored chocolate a tad too sweet and would rather go for a more interesting flavor, citrus-flavored chocolates are a good alternative.


A little different from the usual strawberry spring craze, Meiji is offering a new orange-flavored chocolate product under its almond chocolate ball line up. If you're expecting just orange-flavored coated almonds, then you've truly underestimated the confectionary giant. Sandwiched between the orange-flavored chocolate layer and the almond core is a cookie coating.


The outermost layer of orange-flavored chocolate tastes refreshing yet familiar, a twist to plain old chocolate. But what I love most about this snack is the cookie coating right before the final crunch into the whole almond. This surprise layer slowly melts away on your tongue until, at last, just the almond remains in your mouth.

Who knew an innocent looking chocolate almond could be so full of surprises? A great snack to tease your tastebuds and savour the complicated relationship between the citrus, chocolate and cookie.