Satisfy your camping nostalgia with the younger, more flavorful sibling of ‘s'mores - MaSH BON.

Ever tasted the cloud-like, fluffy perfection that are s'mores as a child and longed to discover another sweet that could match it? Well, we've been longing, and we heard that a Japanese confectionary managed to create a sweet that takes the taste of s'mores and brings them to a whole new level of amazing. We set our sights on reviewing that sweet to find out if the rumors were true.


Designed to make you feel as though you've melted your way through clouds and entered the very gates of heaven, MaSH BON's silky, mousse-like inner texture has us feeling just that! MaSH BON is a biscuit topped with marshmallow that has been injected with a tangy, raspberry explosion of fruity flavor and coated in melted chocolate - all the essential ingredients of a sweet that is sure to melt both the heart and minds of many. It sends sparks through your tastebuds, leading to a sensation that will make you feel like you've melted into a world filled with all sorts of heavenly sweetness!

The raspberry marshmallow is the core of this masterpiece, bringing you the ideal fusion of sweet and sour tang. It only takes one bite before you're overwhelmed with nostalgia of younger days, sitting around a campfire, eating s'mores, in the throes of a fun fluffy bliss. This is the 2015 version – a continuation to the very next chapter of a S'more adventure you've been pining to experience. In this next chapter, we're blessed with an additional flavor: raspberry. That's right, raspberry's been purposely mixed into the marshmallow, like a drug especially designed to give take you to flavor town. That raspberry flavor's made with real raspberry juice that will jolt you into gear. So if you're in dire need of a pick-me-up to help you through the daily battle that is called life, this sweet's got you covered. The marshmallow core is then enveloped in chocolate to add that final touch of sweet, silky goodness.

MaSH BON's available from Circle K convenience stores for 324 yen (including taxes) and comes in a box of six, so it can also be shared with friends and family alike. Its taste is likely to become quite a topic among those you know, and many will be so grateful for you introducing them to a sweet of such high quality.