Despite it's goofy name, this iced watermelon treat has us reeling in ecstasy

It's warming up, and that means sweet makers are finding more and more opportunities to make products to cool us down. In the next few months, expect a plethora of ice creams, shaved ices, and popsicles raining down in abundance as the sun shines bright and the humidity drenches our thinly layered clothing. Suffice it to say, we are excited about the coming frozen fiesta. Getting an early start in the frozen food race is this iced watermelon bar with a weird name.

It's called Annin ni!? Kakechatta Suika Bar or Apricot Seeds!? Covered Watermelon Bar. What on earth does this mean? Apparently, it's coated with a layer of apricot seeds. Apricot seeds are eatable, and they resemble a small almond. We didn't realize their appeal, but after eating the watermelon bar, our interest is peaked.

While we don't see any actual seeds, we presume that the white coating on top is some sort of synthesized solidified shell of processed apricot pits. It looks good enough. Let's take a bite.

Describing the deep deliciousness of each bite is a waste of words, but we'll try our best to convey just what we're experiencing. The watermelon bar is not an ice cream, it's a sherbet ice bar with little lactose to speak of. And yet, the crunch of flavor that emits from each bite exceeds the typically dry and parched texture one expects from an ice candy. It's full of moist, flavor, and, though frozen, is easily penetrated by the teeth. That satisfying watermelon taste is punctuated by small black spheres mimicking actual watermelon seeds. On further inspection they reveal themselves to be fully eatable balls of great satisfaction to our tastebuds.

Now for the outer apricot seed coating, which adds an extra compliment of perfection. Having never experienced the taste of raw apricot seeds, it's difficult to predict just what concoction of flavors will show themselves. Oh, but they are divine! Delightful! The coating adds just a hint of creaminess, giving the watermelon bar a well-rounded mix of diverse flavors, and ensuring that the treat never exceeds its sweetness threshold, allowing the eater to further indulge free of flavor exhaustion.

And indulge we do. Not two minutes have passed before this icy block is reduced to a thin wooden stick; it's disappeared, alongside the momentary bliss we experienced with this perfect sweet. Luckily, it looks like Annin ni!? Kakechatta Suika Bar will be on sale for at convenience stores nationwide for at least a few more months, and we have no doubt what we'll be spending our hard earned pennies on next time we need a break.