When two convenience store pals get together: Pocky and Afternoon Tea embark on a special collaboration

Apart from all the limited editions and exotic flavors, Japanese snacks and candies are also well-known for collaborating with anime, restaurants, and even fashion labels. So when major brands Kirin and Glico team up for a special collaboration, we have to find out what cool treats they have in store for us! Let's check out two new treats: Cinnamon Apple Tea and Royal Butter, and Custard Pocky Midi.

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So according to the instructions on both packages, the best way to enjoy these two treats is:
  1. 1)First, take a sip of the cinnamon apple tea
  2. 2)Take a nibble of the pocky stick
    3)Finally, take another sip of the tea, and taste the difference as the two flavors meet!

Taking the first sip of the cinnamon apple tea, I'm pleasantly surprised that it isn't overly sweetened like most other bottled fruit teas out there. In fact, there is even a slight astringent taste to it, probably from the cinnamon, which bothered me slightly after taking a few more sips. On its own, I would say that the apple tea fares pretty well. It works as a nice spring or summer drink served chilled with ice.

Moving on to the pocky stick, it's a midi stick, which means it's larger and fatter than the standard variety.

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Texture-wise, the midi has an extremely satisfying bite, while providing a different experience from the original slim variety. The coating on the sticks also appears to be thicker, which gives an overall fuller taste and texture. Finally, the intensity of the taste is enhanced by the rich creamy flavor of butter and custard--making the entire experience Indulgent and sinful.

And now for the finale, taking a sip of the same cinnamon apple tea after biting into a plump pocky midi. I wouldn't go so far to claim that there are fireworks in my mouth when the two tastes meet, but there is definitely a subtle difference in how the apple tea tasted. The slight sweetness and aroma of apple and cinnamon are the same, but the sultry astringent taste is less distinctive and makes the drink a lot smoother. I would suggest taking a generous nibble of the creamy pocky midi for those not overly fond of astringent sultriness, but overall, the match-making of the two snacks is certainly a success.