Pocky takes the summer heat head on with new resort-themed flavors

The arrival of summer means summer vacation is right around the corner. Well, at least for school kids and a select number of adults who somehow landed in jobs where they don't have to toil away in an office during the hottest months. Regardless of where one falls on this spectrum, Pocky has two new limited-edition flavors of their globally known snack out, dubbed Resort, to help us imagine they we are off relaxing in some far off corner of the world.

Italy always sounds like a good idea, and Pocky's Sicilia Lemon Resort variety adds a sweet citrus taste to the chocolate snack. Don't expect any sour punch, though, as the Sicilia Lemon flavor brings to mind the taste of lemon cake over the actual sting of the fruit's juice. Hints of white chocolate also come across in each stick.

If the Sicilia Lemon Resort offering is a bit too subtle, the Chocolate Coconut Resort might be more up your alley. Bite into this chunkier treat and -- boom -- straight-up coconut taste hits your mouth. This is a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, because if a very strong coconut rush isn't your thing, this proverbial vacation won't be a very good time for you. Otherwise, dig in and enjoy your ad-hoc tropical retreat.